Bonnie Paker & Clyde Barrow

By:Kemaria Ingram

Bonnie & Clyde

They were most famous gangsters couple in history.

During a height of the Great Depression, their gang evolved from petty thieves to a nationally bank robberies .

Bonnie and Clyde murder at least 13 victims , most were 2 police officers,2 detective's . Kidnapping , and robberies Bonnie worked as a waitress before meeting Clyde

The case of Bonnie & Clyde

Tuesday, May 24th 2016 at 12pm

Oklaunion, Texas, United States

Oklaunion, TX

They got there name tattooed on each other, both dropped out of school. After spending time together their budding romance was interrupted when Clyde was arrested for five counts of auto theft. Clyde was sentence to 2 years in prison.

Bonnie and Clyde wanted

investigators called the Bureau of investigation , interested in Barrow and his paramour late Dec 1932. Digging deeper in the investigation they found that revealed that a women who obtained the prescription, her name was Bonnie Parker.

Bonnie & Clyde

  • Most famous gangster's couple in history
  • killed 13 people , even murder 2 police officers
  • Kidnapping.
  • Robbed banks , small business.
  • They were unstoppable
  • name tattooed on one another
  • They were wanted for there arrest

Details of crime

Bonnie and Clyde were murders , they robbed banks ,business shot police officers . Clyde and Bonnie knew they were doing wrong and they didn't care ,Clyde broke out of jail both dropped out of school at age 16 years old .When they robbed banks they stole money anything they could get there hands on they would kill when they went to go rob people . They kidnapped people and killed them.

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Bio Information

  • Bonnie Parker
  • Born: Oct 1 1910
  • Death : Gibsland, Louisiana
  • Parents : Henry and Emma Parker
  • Sibling : Older Brother & younger sister
  • her father passed
  • She went to school to study literature , earning honors in her studies , becoming an actress .
  • she dropped out of school and begin working as an waitress

  • Clyde Barrow
  • Born: March 24,1909
  • Death : Gibsland , Louisiana
  • parents: Henry Basil Barrow , Cummie Tabitha Walker Barrow
  • Siblings : fifth of seven children, brother name Buck Barrow
  • Clyde attend school until the age of 16 and had ambitions of becoming a musician learning to play both the guitar and saxophone .