Miss Kinnian

by Lily McEvoy- P.8


On page 364, April 28, Charlie uses direct characterization about Ms. Kinnian by saying "I don't understand why I never notices how beautiful Miss Kinnian really is. She has brown eyes and feathery brown hair that comes to the top of her neck."

This picture of Miss Kinnian indirectly shows her appearance.

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On page 358, April 15, it indirectly shows that Miss Kinnian is emotoinal when she has to go to the bathroom because "She got something in her eye."

On page 357, paragraph 6, Ms. Kinnian 'laffs' as Charlie wrote, when Charlie said "dont worry Miss Kinnian Im not smart yet". This shows she can kindly laugh and has a decent sense of humor towards most situations.


On April 28, page 365, Ms. Kinnian and Charlie are having a conversation. Charlie is frustrated because he doesn't believe he's getting smarter. Ms. Kinnian is soothing him by saying "...you'll keep climbing up and up, and see more and more, and each step will open new worlds you never even knew existed." This shows indirectly that Ms. Kinnian is very sweet and caring, particularly for Charlie.

On page 348, paragraph 5, Charlie says "He was very nice and talked slow like Miss Kinnian does" which shows directly, that Miss Kinnian speaks more slow so that her students can understand better.


On page 358, April 15, it indirectly shows that Ms. Kinnian has strong emotions or feelings about Charlie, when she has to run to the bathroom "because she has something in her eye", when he is talking about his 'friends' that use him and he doesn't know.

Directly, on page 365, paragraph 11, Charles shows his direct feelings towards Miss Kinnian when he says, "I'm in love with Miss Kinnian."

Relationships with Others

Throughout the excerpt, You come to find, through direct and indirect characterization, that Miss Kinnian has a great relationship with Charlie, and we can infer that she is at least somewhat as caring and thoughtful towards other people as to him. An indirect example is when she's soothing Charlie throughout the book, particularly, on page 365. Directly, Charlie says on that same page, "I think from the beginning I had the feeling that she was an unreachable genius- and very, very old." So I guess she comes off as a genius to Charlie, and that helps form their relationship.