Under age driver

Trevon Bonner

I was relaxing on the couch at the house in Jacksonville, Missisppi looking at commercials on television and my dad walked in and sat down. I told him I can drive. He looked at me like I was crazy and the first thing that came out of his mouth was ''don't you try driving when I'm not with you.'' I told him ''alright'' even though I knew I was going to try it anyway.It was a big risk but I felt since he let me drive before he wouldn't mind me trying to drive on my on. The next day Saturday came up and I felt like that was the best day to drive my dad truck. He had to work that day to so, as I was outside playing with my friend Sean I was explaining to him I can drive and I was going to try it before he went to work. Sean said ''man your only 9 years old'' I told him so, kids drive all the time in the country.
It's going on 10:00am and I told Sean I have to go ahead and try because he'll be leaving soon and he thought I was playing about driving anyway. I went back in the house looking for the keys to the truck and I couldn't find them and I realized that there were on the side of my dads hip. so I said dang and asked him could I get the keys for the moment. He gave me a look that made me feel like why did I ask him that. He told me no because he was about to go off to work. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, he always keep the spare key in the busted up looking storage house . ''Bang, Bang '' as I flew out the house to the little house I could hear him say slow down. when I opened the door I ran straight into a spider web but I found the keys on the table.
I ran to my dad truck and I was so ready that I hit myself with the door. I entered the key into the ignition and started it up with no problem. Sean was scared to ride in the passenger seat so he watched me. I put the car in drive and I eased my way onto the country field just like I would any other time with my dad. My dad always told me not to panic behind the wheel and I started to panic by stepping on the gas more forgetting to hit the brake. I started coming up on a tree and turned to the right going side ways into the tree breaking my left arm. I felt like I was dead because I could hear but not talk, I could talk I was just in shock. I remember my dad telling me ''what was you thinking'' I told him I can drive, I was okay and realized that he was concern and it calmed me down