All About Our Classroom

December 2-6 2013

Dear Parents,

I thank each and every one of you for a successful parent teacher conference. It was a pleasure to be able to discuss your child’s progress in my class. The holidays are quickly approaching, but there is so much more for us to learn! I hope that we can continue to work together to ensure our students success!

What are we learning?

Reading- We will be reading Fiction books this week. The class will also be taking a trip to the library to explore Fiction books. By the end of the lesson the child should be able to understand that there is infomation to be learned through books. The reader is able to learn something significant from reading a book that they are able to apply to everyday life.

Writing- We will practice writing thank you letters in this weeks lesson. Will be having a guest speaker this week so they will be given the oppurtunity to write a thank you letter to our guest police officer. By the end of this lesson the child should be able to scribble/write beginning on the left side of the page and progressing to the right on a sheet of unlined paper.

Math- We will be learning measurement vocabulary to determine whether something is shorter or taller in relation to something else. By the end of this lesson children will be able to determine the measurement of something they view. For example. "Is the set of blocks on the right taller or shorter than the set of blocks on the left?"

Science- We will be learning about what we can do to make our enviroment a better place. We are going to start a recycling bin in the classroom. By the end of the lesson the child should be able to understand the concept of recycling and why it is important. The child then should be able to engage in the project.

Social Studies- We will be learning about community workers. Our focus for this lesson is police officers. We will be having a guest speaker come to the classroom to tell us about what it is that they do. We will also be doing a number of projects and reading books as a class related to police officers. By the end of the lesson i expect to see students identifying objects that are related to a police officer, as well as being able to identify a police officer in his or her line of duty.

What can you do to help?

Reading- You can read Fiction books with your child at home and help them to determine what lesson is beign conveyed in the story.

Writing- On a sheet of unlined paper you can ask your child to write a few sentences about his or her day or anything that interest them. Be sure that they are starting on the left side of the paper and writing towards the right side.

Math- When you see two object near one another you can ask your child to determine which one is shorter or taller than the other.

Science- I encourage your family to start recycling at home and remind the child of why we recycle.

Social Studies- You can point out police cars or police officers when you see them out in the community so the child is able to see him or her in their line of duty. Have the child tell you something they know about a police officer or have them draw a picture at home.

Important Dates:

December 10th- Pre-K Field Trip

December 20th- Early Release at 11A.M. / Winter Break Begins

January 6th- Back to School