Treasure of Lemon Brown

By: Evan Johnson, Grant Johnson, and Nate Mauck

3rd Person Limited POV

We know that the story is in 3rd Person limited because the story is told with only the thoughts of Lemon Brown. It uses the pronouns he, his, and those. There is a narrator, but the narrator is not in the story.


The story is about a 14 year old boy, who loves playing basketball. He is not very good when it comes to school. His father was upset at him for not doing good on his homework. The main character Greg Ridley, was mad because his father told him that he could not play basketball until he got his grades back up. Greg ran into an abandoned building, only to hear scraping noises. Only to find a raggedy old man staring at him with a razor. The old man said he had a treasure. Greg found out the man's treasure was his family. That hit home with Greg, and then Greg was commited to doing good in school, so he could please his dad, and play basketball.

3 Literary Devices

Simile: His father's words. like distant thunder that echoed through the streets of Harlem. pg.17

Alliteration: to make it worth the while. pg. 25

Personification: Sending the rain against the window with a force that shook the glass in its frame. pg. 18

What we thought

We thought that the story was very influential. The story was well thought out and had good structure. We think that the story tells us that you need to treasure your family and who you are individually. The story had some good action too. It was suspenseful, with many twists and turns. Overall, we thought that it was a good book to read, and it was one of our favorites.
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