Georgia Bulldogs Football

Between the Hedges


I am from Mooresville, North Carolina. Although growing up where the ACC lies, I have always been a die hard Georgia football fan since the days of David Green. Been to many Georgia games and once I have gotten a picture with Uga. Planning on heading down to Jacksonville for the Georgia-Florida game. Go Dawgs, sic 'em.
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Georgia has done what few college football teams do today, run a pro-style football team.

Few teams run this because it depends on how good your offensive line. Also a good offensive line leads to great running back. From Herschel Walker and Terrell Davis to Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb. Georgia has also stuck with a pocket passer since 2005. Nick Chubb is a Heisman hopeful in the 2015-2016 years.

Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium is home to the Georgia Bulldogs. It is the 5th largest on campus stadium with a capacity of 92,746 people.


Georgia Football sticks with what they got for the most part. Their home jersey being red on silver and away being white on silver forever now. Only having one helmet, being red with the University of Georgia logo. This has been their uniform combination prior to the days of Fran Tarkenton, a hall of fame quarterback who played for the Dawgs in 1950, and only broke the streak for a black out in 2008 and a chrome helmet in 2013 for their away game vs Boise State. Aside from uniforms they have stuck with one thing since 1956, the appearance of a live bulldog at their games. Now on the Uga the X for being the 10th dog in the lineup since it's early years.


If you are east or west of Athens, it would be suggested to take US Route 78 into Athens Georgia. If coming from the north take I-85 onto US Route 15 and that would lead you directly into Athens. Coming from the south you would take US Route 129 and that will lead you directly into town


You can buy game tickets any certified ticket sales website online or on Georgia Bulldogs website. You can also buy tickets at the Main Gate if there are seats left, also available to buy tickets from scalpers but always be careful when buying.
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Dawgs on Top

Georgia, as of week 5, is ranked 6th in the nation and is number 1 in the SEC. They have a few big games left in the season. Some of those games are Alabama, at Tennessee, at Auburn, neutral Florida, and at Georgia Tech. Georgia currently has one of the best defenses in the country, the best running game, and one of the best offensive lineman in the country.
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Off the Field

Aside from enlivening the small town of Athens, Georgia football does many great things off the field. Just recently Georgia beat Southern University of Alabama pretty bad, but the main focus of Mark Richt, Georgia's head coach, was on an injury that occurred prior to half time. Devon Gales of Southern University was carted off the field and could only move his fingers after suffering a spinal injury, his parents and the team didn't have enough money for medical needs. Mark Richt set up a fundraiser for Devon posting it all over social media. SO if you do become a dawgs fan, you know you are coming to the right place.