Armed forces integrated

Armed forces

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July 26, 1948


January 1948, internal White House memos indicated that the President was determined to end military segregation. It was not until the delegates at the 1948 Democratic National Convention called for a liberal civil rights plank that included desegregation of the armed forces that Truman felt comfortable enough to issue Executive Order No. 9981 on July 26.The order stated that "It is hereby declared to be the policy of the president that there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin."

Connection to the Civil Right movement

This connects to the civil rights movement because its just another step to equal freedom for the African Americans. It takes steps at a time to be able to achieve something you want. Every successful step that the African Americans take. it gets them closer to having the freedom end equal rights and privileges that white people have.
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This was a successful event for the African Americans because it gave them a sense of freedom and even though it wasn't the biggest freedom, they knew that what they were doing was successful and it motivated them to keep up the push.
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Problems that occured

Some of the white people that were racist didn't agree with this action.

Connection to modern America

This has a huge connection on todays world because we have great black men and women for our country to this day. They are just a motivated and they love to fight for our country just as much as the white people. I personally believe that our army will always be the way it is now where black and whites can fight together and protect out country.

Personal reaction

I think its great that this event took place because African Americans have just as much right as we do to fight for the land we live in. Segregation is completely out of our country and I am glad it is. This event has a huge effect on America and I give complete honor to all the African Americans that fought for there freedom.