Fragulis Friday Facts

March 6, 2015

Reminder: School will be held Fri., March 13 as a snow make-up day.

What's coming up next week:

Next week is the last week of the 3rd nine weeks. How the year has flown by! We will spend next week reviewing concepts taught this 3rd nine weeks and teachers will be assessing for report cards.

In reading, students will be practicing and reviewing:

- short and long vowels

- retelling stories with the characters, setting, problem, and solution

- identifying middle sounds in words (like the -a in the word cat)

- adding and subtracting sounds in words to make new words (i.e., you can take away the C in cat and add an H to make hat)

In word work, we will be learning the new words bike, an, & want. We will also be reviewing the sight words from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd nine weeks. Please see the document attached below for a list of all the words we've learned. Thank you for practicing these words at home if there are any your child still doesn't know!

In writing, we will be working on including a beginning, middle, and end in our narrative writing stories.

In math, kindergartners will be reviewing addition and subtraction with lots of practice. Students should be able to add and subtract numbers to 5 fluently, so please give your child practice with these skills at home! Subtraction is especially difficult, so repeated practice will help your child be successful.

In science, our study of weather will continue as we learn about tornadoes, thunder, storms, and rainbows.

Sight Words for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Nine Weeks

Below are the sight words students have learned in each quarter. Please practice any unknown words with your child through flashcards, writing, and online games. Thank you!

1st nine weeks: the, at, can, I, see, my, it, is, me, in, to, we, like, up, mom, and, he, look, come, get, a

2nd nine weeks: jump, here, little, went, has, girl, will, have, make, play, by, one, said, am, be, was, she, on, you, as

3rd nine weeks: an, do, so, big, that, for, no, did, are, go, ball, want, not, with, from, this, they, bed, bike, feet

If your child has mastered all of the words and you'd like to start practicing the words for the 4th nine weeks, they are: now, new, away, of, let, friend, into, his, could, her, when, help, had, give, get, good, ran, run, going, yes

P.E. Days: Monday & Friday

Library Day: Monday