MONDAY MEMO...Feb. 1, 2016


Happy Birthday to:

Janet Peadon - February 1


  • Teachers, WE APPRECIATE THOSE OF YOU HAVE HAVE COMPLETED YOUR IREADY DIAGNOSTICS! If you haven't, we really need you to finish these ASAP? You may need to use your classroom computers for those who need extra time. We would like to print reports and have data ready to roll for our profiling, data, and BLT meetings by the end of the week.
  • The PTA is in need of a PTA Rep for the next two year term. Thanks to Shauna whom they have appreciated serving the last couple of years. Let me know if you are interested.
  • It's almost time to start preparing for PT Conferences. The parent window will open "on-line" on the 15th of Feb. You won't be able to access this yet, but starting on the 8th (next Monday), you will have until the 14th to set you schedule (block out necessary times). Please note: due to some comments/concerns from last conferences, we have decided to go back to 15 minute conference times.


THANK YOU TO THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE UPDATED YOUR GOALS ON OBSERVER TAB. If you haven't yet, I need them by the end of the week. Go to observer tab and submit your "Mid-Year Report". If you have any questions, please ask.
SHERI WINN! It doesn't matter how early you get to school, Sheri always seems to be there. Sheri is extremely dedicated in all she does. Although she has taught for many years, she is still willing to try anything new. She is someone who is constantly striving to do all she can as a teacher, colleague, and friend.

KATHY REYNOLDS! Kathy is another early riser! Her day starts out at the time of day most of us rarely see. She is always concerned about her students and wants them to learn, knowing that staying physically active is a great way to help make that happen. She has already started preparing for our end of year fun run.

SHERRI ELDER! Sherri is such a quiet person, you probably rarely hear or see her, however, she is one of our most valuable aides in the school. She goes about her job, working with students and helping with whatever she is asked and more with our Special Ed students. Sheri is one of those people who just knows what needs to be done and does it! I think it is safe to say, we are all truly grateful for all she does for our students.


  • Feb. 1-5 - ELL testing - Please ensure your ELLs are available for testing at the appropriate times. Also, please note the Einstein lab availability has changed this week based on this testing. See calendar.
  • Feb. 4 - Move It Activity - Outside at lunch time
  • Thursday, Feb. 4 - Faculty Meeting (Please come with your top 10(ish) Math Standards if possible. Thank you in advance for being in attendance as this will be a start to creating our Math essentials.

PLC/iSupport Schedule for this week: We will plan to review SLOs.

Monday - Kinder (10:45)

Tuesday - 1st (1:20 - 2:00-note time change), 5th gr (2:00)

Wednesday - 6th gr (2:00)

Thursday - 4th gr (8:45)

***These times are just those that I will be in attendance in order to review SLOs. If you have PLC and/or iSupport time not listed here, you will use your time as a regular PLC.


SAGE Writing - April 4-15

IREADY Diagnostics - April 18-29

SAGE Math/Language Arts/Science - MAY 2-20

(We will start setting up the schedule sometime in March.)

If you have anyone asking you about opting out of testing (such as SAGE) they need to complete a form provided by the state. Have them see me.

If they have previously opted out, they must still complete another form, as it is necessary for students/parents to opt out each year.