The Middle Colonies: The Place 2 Be

Chloe Tzau & Jane Mockus

"Who wouldn't fight for the Middle Colonies?" -Anonymous


Freedom for All!

Come to the Middle Colonies and escape Great Britain's religious persecution! The Middle Colonies will let Catholics, French Protestants, Jews, and even Quakers freely practice their religion without judgement. We don't reject you because of your religion or your ideas, unlike the New England colonies. Roger Williams had to flee from those colonies for his radical ideas. Don't worry, we would have accepted his ideas.

Don't Worry, Be Peaceful!

While many other colonies such as Virginia, might have engaged in many conflicts with the Native Americans living in the area, Pennsylvania, (one of our colonies here) has been able to negotiate with them and be at peace most of the time. So if you're looking to kick back and relax, away from crowded, stuffy Europe, sail on by and take a vacation!

New York- Take a Day to Trade

Our very own New York is a major trade port here in the Middle Colonies! You can walk around, or get into the trading business. Unlike the Southern Colonies, where John Smith's law is NO WORK=NO FOOD, we don't mind if you take a bit of time to walk around the paths and enjoy the surroundings.

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