It's a Dirty Job

But Someone's Got to Do It

Our School

Imagine your school without the facility support staff. Don't think you leave that much junk on the table after lunch? Go check it out after all three lunches have been through. Then, imagine that after a week's worth of use. It gets pretty bad. Imagine trash cans, never being taken out. The trash from more than a thousand messy teens really adds up. And of course, the toilets. Just imagine the toilets. And let's not forget that the very food we eat would be gone without the support staff.

The Solution

So now that you've imagined all that, let's try and be a little more grateful to the people that literally clean our toilets. Like, maybe slightly more than a basic please and thank you. These people clean up after us, so I think they deserve a little more than basic human decency.

We are trying to give a school wide boost of politeness, and see if it actually works. We will be interviewing both staff and students before and after the experiment. The experiment consists of fliers and posters, as well as announcements to remind us of basic politeness.

We're hoping that this will cause a lasting change in our school so everyone gives everyone the respect they deserve.