Non-native species, attack!

Arianna: 2 D Lana: 4 D

Invasive species

"Invasive species" Does it sound dangerous to you? Well its incredibly dangerous to native wildlife. Invasive species take up space and they suck up resources the native species need to survive. Many cases of this are over looked but scientist worry for the environment.

Our experience learning about Onondaga Lake!

Lanas feild trip

My school took us to Onondaga Lake, The Salt Museum, Onondaga creek, and Onondaga Headwaters. I had a great time at this feild trip. The bikes we rode at Onondaga Lake taught me about the community use of the lake. We went to The Salt Museum, this taught me about how the environment got this way. The creek provided me with lots of info about invasive species and small critters that live in the creek. We also went fishing and many people only caught Gobys. this is how i know they are invasive. I really enjoyed my time at Onondaga lake and I think more people should know about all he bad things going on in the lake.

Arianna's field trip

In my school we went to Beak & Skiff and we went on a wagon to get a small-medium bag full of apples. Then we went to Honeywell to see the dredging boats and see how they are working on cleaning Onondaga Lake. After Honeywell we went to the Mud-boils and got to step on and observe the Mud-boils. The best part of Onondaga Lake is the fishing part someone caught a large mouth and a Small Mouth Bass, I caught two plus one Goby because my mom was with me and she caught a Goby.