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A little something to inspire you in June...

Our Team Continues to Grow...

TWENTY-SIX NEW Members in May ya'll...TWENTY-SIX! That's amazing. That means 26 people on their way to new health and wellness and WE are a part of supporting them in this journey. It's SO exciting. I don't know about you but a BIG part of why I love doing this business is truly helping people....educating them about healthier choices and guiding them along life's journey equipped to make better health decisions for themselves and their family. When people start to share their "oily success stories" with me I truly just get giddy! Like little-kid, big-smiles kind of giddy!!! Do you know what I mean? I hope you do!!! ;) ;)
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OMG- some amazing results so far from the Petrochemical Protocol...

Click HERE to go to the group. I have made EACH one of you reading this an ADMIN to this group so feel free to add to the group and invite people to the group. I created this to be a positive for all of us- use it, promote it, join it (if you can), share it! Have you read the AMAZING results so far...


I've been doing the protocol AM and PM for 2 weeks, and I did some measurements this week to gauge my progress. I've lost 2.5 inches in my hips, a half and inch in my waist, and I'm down 3 pounds! I started a nutrition/fitness challenge on Tuesday with Twisted Sisters, so I'm super excited to see what progress I can make with diet and exercise added to the mix!


Two weeks results -
*much smoother skin on thighs
*lost 1/2 an inch on both thighs
*lost 1 inch on stomach
*lost 3lbs but also on maintenance of Xyngular
*no exercise other than running around with 2 kids

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See What's in My Sport's Bag CLASS by KRISTI JEAN

Kristi recently did an online "See What's in My Sports Bag" class...HOW CREATIVE! I can't wait to do some of these classes myself over the next months!

Class Ideas

Oily Pets

Cooking with Oils

The Non-Toxic Home with a focus on THIEVES

Oily Moms and Kids

Make It and Take It

Speed Oiling

What's in my Sports Bag?

Hiking the Oily Way

Dr. Mom

Back to School with Oils

Essential Oils 101 Poolside

Let me just say Facebook Classes are fantastic BUT...YES, BUT...If you want to see your business grow, you will NEED to step away from behind the computer at some point! And, let's just say I learned this from experience. I LOVE doing online Facebook classes and I think since our team has grown, they are SUPER for educating and supporting members and getting your name "out there" as the "oily authority." BUT (there's that word again! haha) there is a time for online and a time for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing in-person classes. EVERY in-person class I have taught...I. Have. Had. AT. LEAST. ONE. SIGN-UP...every one! Because, people actually get to experience the oils...touch them, smell them, and hear your heart and knowledge. I encourage you to seek out a local location to host a class a shop, chiropractor office, health food store, spa, etc. Ask...all they can so is "no" but they could say YES!

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Our local team just did a SPEED OILING class that was AMAZING! Something to think about as your team grows!!

Ever heard of "speed dating"? How about "speed oiling"? Well, we are taking our essential oils intro class to a new level. Stationed around the room, you will travel from table to table with a group of friends and learn small bites at a time. Sip on coffee, enjoy some refreshments, win door prizes and giveaways...get your oily learn on...need we say more?! :-) Come and "get to know" 11 different oils in an hour. You will also get to find out what exactly essential oils are and why they are so beneficial to your every day lifestyle.

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Hope you were able to join this- LOTS of super info. This may be a class you would want to do down the line for your own team. Check it out:

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Encouraging Essential Rewards and ...

After a few months of building your team you will want to encourage ER. If you see someone ordering regularly, encourage them to join ER by sharing the benefits with them. They are TRULY missing out if they are ordering and not on ER.

If people are not ordering regularly then they must not be using their oils and seeing and experiencing the benefits. Try to find out why and see if you can help. Communication and education are key here. Are they plugged into the Simply Natural Facebook Group. Consider sending an informational flyer and handwritten note out to your team.

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AND...DRUM ROLL...a little something to inspire you for JUNE...

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It's as easy as 1...2....3....

1. HOST TWO In-Person Classes (Key Words- In-Person) with 3 or more NEW attendees at each


2. EITHER Make FIVE Care Calls OR Send FIVE cards to members in your team that you feel you need to reach out to...


3. Complete the Google Form that I send at the end of the month logging #1 and #2 to share the date of the class and the names of the class attendees along with who you called or mailed cards to.

AND I WILL SEND YOU A....$25.00 ETSY GIFT CARD!!!!! Have you SEEN all the adorable Essential Oil accessories they have ?? Oh My...SUCH CUTE STUFF!!!!

Essential Rewards Incentive for June...


For anyone in my downline team (and my downline is your downline) that joins ESSENTIAL REWARDS in JUNE OR for anyone already on ER that spends $100 PV in JUNE!
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