Español 3

Week 3 Update

Now that the drop/add period has calmed down and the students have settled into my sections, you will start receiving these weekly newsletters from me. Please take time to read through all information carefully.

What's going on in our course this week?

The students have started U2 which is our first unit of "new material". This week they must complete the assignments in Lessons 2.1 and 2.2 by Friday, 9/16. One important feature of our course is that students are allowed to go back to some assignments and make corrections based on my feedback. Here is a run-down of the assignments that allow two attempts:

  • Escribir (writing)
  • Hablar (speaking)
  • Actividades Culturales (Cultural Activities)

These assignments allow only one attempt:

  • Pruebas de Vocabulario (vocabulary quizzes)
  • Leer (reading)
  • Escuchar (listening)
  • Leer y Escuchar (reading and listening test which falls at the end of each unit)
  • Proyectos Finales (Final unit projects)

Being able to make corrections is a big part of their learning and mastery of the material, so please encourage your student to take advantage of this.

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Required Live Classes (Look for above icon in our course)

One important, and unique, aspect to the language courses is the Required Live Classes. These are webinars taught by all the Spanish III teachers and attendance at these sessions is a required part of our course. Many students find these sessions beneficial because they are instructed by a live teacher and can ask questions in real time. Your student does not have to attend only my RLCs. They can attend any teacher's session. If your student is unable to attend for some reason, I can provide the archive to my session. If your student did not attend the U1 RLC, please click HERE for my archive.

How to Contact Sra. Blachy

Please use my doodle page if you would like to schedule a phone conference with me to discuss your student's progress.