Herndon Sensei's News Corner

April 23 Newsletter

Course Updates on April 23, 2015

I can't believe summer is around the corner, and sadly to say we have less than 3 weeks left for Spring 2015 for Georgia Virtual School. Final Exam is schedule on Wed. May 6 or Thurs. May 7. Please be sure to check the gradebook for any incorrect grades or missing assignments.

Haiku Contest: I had 9 students from Japanese IIB and 8 students from Japanese IIAB entering Haiku Contest. I was amazed at the poetical and artistic talent displayed among our students. I have winners' Haiku posted below and other entries can be view at https://www.smore.com/t90rw. Haiku can be an addictive life long shumi, or hobby. Keep on Haiku-ing.

Remediation Opportunity

Project: Write a Nikki(diary) entry in Japanese

Here is the instruction.

Write 5 sentences which include

  • Weather condition
  • Date with Kanji of Month 月 and Day 日
  • Mode of transportation (ex. kuruma-de.....)
  • Place you visited
  • ~te form of verb (ex. itte, mite, nonde, tabete, etc...)
  • Past tense of verbs (mashita/deshita form)

The sentences should be written mostly (70%) in Japanese writings (hiragana, katakana, and/or kanji). Your entry can be fictitious, so be creative in your writing. Please submit it in the dropbox "Remediation Project." Please see a sample letter and tutorial in the Course Home.

Deadline: the end of Monday, April 27