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November 2022

Teacher Feature

Stephen Amoroso

Digital photography students took the long exposure Light Drawing group photo and then altered it in Adobe Lightroom. I keep telling them imagine if you had glow sticks or (at home and in a safe way, sparklers) or Christmas Lights etc

Literacy Week 6 Projects - Angela Stubbs and Meghan Wood

Instagram Posts

Ms. Stubb's class created four "Instagram" posts to persuade and influence readers to visit the country they researched. Click on each picture to view.

Travel Brochures

Mrs. Wood's class used Canva to create travel brochures to convince their reader to visit the country they researched! Click on each picture to view.

Illustrative Math - Ashley Roy, Courtney Pierce and Pam Gates

At the end of Unit 2 we did some extra practice adding to 20. In the IM Math app, students pair up with a buddy and compete against each other to see who can get the closest to making 20 by adding 3 numbers. - Ashley Roy, Park
One way that IM allows creativity is through the last lesson of the unit or even unit 9 of the grade level. Any of these can be made into projects for students to show their thinking, which is great because students can use a variety of media to show their work and thinking. Students can use Imovie, Google Slides, Jam boards or even Padlets. Teachers can create rubrics for the projects that allows for self-assessment from students. These lessons are really easy to convert into projects for students to show what they have learned from the unit. - Courtney Pierce, AMS
I now use the Live Learn option during class (on my laptop) so I can watch them answer in real time. I use some of those results to choose who to call on when we discuss each part of the lesson. The Live Learn also allows me to see problem areas that I can address before we go to discussion. I have heard some interesting and different strategies for arriving at answers to questions. The application-based questions make the algebra more real and allow students to explore. And they really do!! I find teaching this way more fulfilling than just teaching formulas and steps. IM is actually getting my students to THINK about math and how numbers and equations all work together. - Pam Gates, ELHS
Big picture

Don't Force Quit your Apps on iPad

You do not need to force quit apps. The only app that is actually open is the app that you are looking at. The other apps are in a saved state. It actually takes MORE battery to reopen an app than to leave it in the saved state. So save yourself and your kiddos a little extra time by not having them force quit ALL their apps.

ONLY force quit apps when they aren't working properly. Watch this former Apple Repair Tech's take on Force Quitting.

Wifi Update

Peter Robinson and David Strome have been working closely with our filter provider iBoss regarding connectivity and web pages that are not loading. There is currently a new version of the filter on all elementary student iPads that will hopefully improve the issues with pages loading. If you are still having issues please put in a HelpTicket, with the URL that is not loading, the time of day that it is happening, and which student is having the problem. Please help us investigate by providing us with as much detail as possible! Thank you.

4C's : Creativity

Ed Catmull, Pixar-Disney President: Existential crisis after Toy Story

The entire video is approximately 5 minutes. His thinking and creating a culture around mistakes starts at 3:35. If you want to see more of what he says on the topic it is an easy rabbit hole to find ourselves in on YouTube.

Ed Catmull talks about his existential crisis after Toy Story’s explosive success, the unique struggles for each Pixar film, and building a creative culture at Pixar and Disney. His story is one of dogged resilience, filled with risks, mistakes and lessons learned, and it will inspire entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike.
Podcasts in GarageBand

Get all the resources you need to try this activity and apply it in your own lessons.

Everyone Can Create Projects

Create engaging learning experiences using iPad. Each project includes simple tutorials and downloadable resources to inspire new ideas and bring creativity to any subject.

It’s easy to turn traditional worksheets into fun and creative learning assignments. In this video you’ll learn how to take a built‑in template in Pages (Mac and iPad) and quickly customize it with placeholders for text, photos, and even a personalized video from you to guide your students. You’ll see how to share this new assignment as a template that students can easily customize with their own content.

Elementary Teachers

PowerTeacher Pro - Elementary Teachers

Elementary teachers will now need to use PowerTeacher Pro to enter this standards grades. You will enter a single letter for reading level grades 1-2. Watch this video for a detailed view.

New Laptops

For those teachers who have not had their teacher laptop switched out for a new device please make sure you are preparing NOW for the switch so you are ready for when your time comes. You should be saving ALL documents to Google Drive to ensure the easiest transfer process.

Please follow the directions in this document to help.

Join the Tech Google Classroom

Directions to access programs and apps, Professional development opportunities, Digital citizenship resources, Ideas and resources on how to use maximize your tech

Elementary Tech Reps

Our tech reps meet monthly to discuss the latest updates, questions, and teacher requests regarding how to provide the best support at their sites. Have you met yours?

East Auburn Community School - Brooke Dockum

Walton - Emily Manahan

Washburn - Amanda Cyr & Gary Ramsdell

Park Ave - Ashley Roy

Sherwood Heights - Breann Crocker & Sarah Lapointe

Fairview - Jamie Kravetz