Decimeal Operations

lessons if you need a little help!

Adding decimals

Step 1) line up the decimals

Step2) Add normally as if there were no decimal

Step 3) Bring down the decimal in the same spot

Subtracting Decimals

Step 1) Line up the decimals

Step 2) Add zeros (if needed) so the numbers are the same length

Step 3) Subtract normally as if there is no decimal

Step 4) Bring down the decimal

Multiplying Decimals

Step 1) line up the numbers

Step 2) multipy as if there is no decimal

Step 3) Place the decimal in your product by starting at on the right and moving to the left the a number of places equal to the sum of the decimal places in both of the numbers being multiplyed

Dividing Decimals

Decimal only in Dividend

Step 1) divide ignoring the decimal point

Step 2) Bring the decimal straight up

Decimal in Divisor or Both

Step 1) shift the decimal point to the right of all of the numbers to make it a whole number, but what you do to one side you have to do to the other so you move the decimal point an equivalent amount of times as you did the divisor to the dividend.

Step 2) Divide normally or follow the steps above