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Chisholm Trail Middle School

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-4pm; Fri-7am-3:30pm

16700 W. 159th Street, Olathe, KS, 66062


Technical Support: Help Desk--913-780-8058


Principal: Rick Sola


Asst. Principal: Krista Dueringer (Silver Teams-6,7,8)


Asst. Principal: Erin Richerson (Green Teams-6,7,8)



Rachel Iuli: Green Teams-6,7,8


Makaela King: Silver Teams- 6,7,8



Jenn Ross: jiross@olatheschools.org

School Resource Officer

Taylor Bueker: tshipleysro@olatheschools.org

Attendance Secretary

Angie Peterson: alpeterson@olatheschools.org (913.780.7241)

Student Information Specialist

Melynda Marquardt: mrmarquardt@olatheschools.org

The 22-23 CST Family

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Week of 2/20

Dear CST Family,

Happy long weekend to you! What a fun past couple of weeks both at CST but in Kansas City with the Super Bowl, parade (I did not attend...I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and watched on TV instead), and school cancellations across town. Amazingly, we come back from this 6 (six?!) day weekend with the reality that we have less than 3 weeks until spring break and, therefore, the end of the third quarter...whoa! I know our teachers will have a plan for students to finish the quarter strong with students and my encouragement for the final three weeks will be the same as I shared this past Monday and Tuesday...let's work hard now so we can play hard over then (break)...buckle up, head down, let's move forward! With that, our students are doing a great job. It's encouraging to walk into classroom and see the work they're doing and progress they're making. Enjoy the long weekend and I look forward to a wonderful three weeks ahead!

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Did you miss parent-teacher conferences?

With Wednesday's cancellation of school and conferences, you may have missed your availability to meet with teachers. Please feel free to reach out to your child's teachers if you would still like to meet (via Zoom or phone is fine as well). Conferences are a great time to speak with your child's teachers but please feel welcome to reach out at any time during the year!


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Women of Aviation

Women of Aviation Week is an annual celebration that Garmin participates in to commemorate the anniversary of the first woman to get her pilot’s license. We use that week to encourage more students to go into the aviation field. We will be celebrating the week of March 6-12, with several opportunities. Please feel free to share with anyone else in the Olathe district that you think may be interested!

  • March 7 and 9: Tours of the Garmin hangar and flight offerings for high school girls
  • March 8: Classroom visits for presentation and activity
  • March 10: Outreach Day at Garmin Headquarters
  • March 11: Flights with Young Eagles at the Gardner Airport

You can find more information here: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/women-of-aviation-week/

Fast Bridge Reports Coming Soon!

Watch for a text alerting you to Fast Bridge reports coming home with your child in the coming week. Also, for those students who were opted into the BSEL MySAEBRS assessment, a report will accompany the Fast Bridge paper. Feel free to reach out to your child's teachers or counselor with questions.

Book Fair In the LMC THIS Week!

The Book Fair is back!

Be sure to check out the Scholastic Book Fair in the library Feb. 21st-Feb. 24th! Students can visit the fair and make purchases during the school day as well as before and after school all week.
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Papa Johns Night-- Thursday Feb. 23rd!

Avoid cooking at home and support CST by ordering some Papa John's on Thursday, February 23rd! Up to 30% goes back to CST. A flyer with the necessary "promo code" will be in next week's Weekly Wildcat...for now, mark your calendars!
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Social Media Fatigue

All families are welcome to attend a free program on social media fatigue. Please see the flyer and QR code below for registration. This presentation is sponsored by Research Psychiatric and the Church of the Resurrection. It will be held at the Church of the Resurrection on February 28 from 6:30-8:30. Registration is required.

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Amazon--Thank you for CST ROCS store donations!

We have such an amazing, supportive community...thank you for all you've donated to help keep our store fresh for kids...much appreciated!

You can now donate items for the ROCS (Respect, Ownership, Compassion, Safety) store through our Amazon Wish List and the items will be sent directly to CST. shorturl.at/afW67

Thank you to all who have helped us re-start the store in 2023...kids are LOVING it and we are so grateful for your support of our positive behavior program...CST does in fact ROC(K)!

Store Closes 2/16 (second store will open at start of season)

CST Track Information

CLICK HERE to access the CST Track Store and receive gear at the start of the season (closes 2/16 @ 11:59pm)

View the 2023 CST Information Packet

Upcoming Days Off...

  • 2/17--No School
  • 2/20--Presidents Day--No School
  • 3/13-3/17--Spring Break
  • 3/20--Professional Day--No School

CST Dads...Join Father's Club!

CST Father's Club lead is 7th grade dad, Mike Tireman. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Mike. Otherwise, the "join" link below will get you signed up and get you apart of FC emails and events for CST. Mike can be reached at hawkeyes1024@gmail.com. More information about Father's Club can be reached at their website.

Want to join Father’s Club?


Click link and choose "Other" on school affiliation and then Olathe South on the "Additional School". Specific questions about Father’s Club can be directed to Dave Miller, current Olathe South FC chapter chair (913-638-5444).

Father’s Club website: https://fathersclub.org/

Follow Us on Twitter! @CSTWildcatsMS

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CST 5th Grade Parent Night

Missed the 6/7 Enrollment Informational Night?

Check the website below for updated enrollment information from Thursday's (1/19) meeting. Talk with your child who also received the same information from counselors this week in class. Feel free to reach out to your child's counselors with questions. Paper and online enrollment forms are due on TUESDAY, January 31st!


How does addiction work?

The video below was shared at the Alcohol to Fentanyl presentation Tuesday (1/10). It's a 5 minute video and one you may find helpful with your own kids.

Traffic Reminders

With colder weather we have less walkers/bikers and more vehicle traffic. Please plan accordingly and allow extra time for morning drop-off. Your child should have their items readily available and conversations finished prior to stopping so exiting the vehicle can be as efficient as possible. This helps the line not back up and maintains a constant flow of traffic. A few other reminders to assist with safety and efficiency...

  • Those dropping in the front of the school may pass vehicles in the activity drop-off on the left
  • If dropping off at the activity entrance, please do not pass others who are dropping off at the activity entrance to then merge back into the same activity drop-off lane--this creates a safety issue
  • Form 2 lines for afternoon pick-up--students may cross at the front cross walk with CST staff only...do not encourage your child to run across traffic or parking lot.

Reminders for Walkers and Bike Riders

Please help us reinforce with students the best sidewalks to use upon arrival for walkers/bike riders (seen with the purple arrows on the map below).

  • Students from east of Mur-Len should cross at the 159th/Mur-Len light and walk/ride toward the football field. They will avoid having to cross all vehicle traffic in the parking lot by doing this.
  • Students coming from Lindenwood should take a left upon reaching the CST property and use the sidewalk next to our open field on the west. They should not cross exiting traffic onto 159th from the CST parking lot.
  • A new bike rack was placed at the doors west of the front entrance.
  • Students should exit the building using the same routes. PLEASE talk with students about crossing 159th at the light/cross walk...for their own safety, they should not cross 159th at any other location.

Thank you for your support as we promote safety and efficiency.

Go Gaurdian Parent App


The information below is from technology and outlines a software available for parents for monitoring your child's district device outside the school day. For full details, click the PDF button below. Check it out!

What is included in the GoGuardian Parent App:

• Top 5 summary of student browsing (apps, extensions, documents, and websites visited)

• Teacher interventions

• 30-day view of websites, videos, documents, apps, and extensions

• Ability to block websites on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours

• Ability to pause internet access on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours, either on-demand or at a scheduled time.

Read more in the attached PDF.

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Updated: What is PBIS at CST???

Great start to PBIS and CST ROCS this week! We'll operate a store every Friday from 7:15-7:45am. See our behavior matrix below for specific expected behaviors. CST ROCS!

BIG thank you to our parent volunteers this past Friday! See below if you're interested in signing up or donating to the store!

Volunteers for PBIS Store – Fridays 7:15am-7:45am - Auditorium


(Originally in the 8/15 weekly)

Chisholm Trail is launching its new PBIS program this year. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. All Olathe middle schools will eventually have a program. CST will be just the second middle school to implement a program, but CST feeder schools, Madison Place and Sunnyside Elementary, have already implemented theirs. We are so excited launch and for our students to experience this program.

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Office Staff

Office Assistant: Connie Bray

Attendance Secretary/Assistant Principal's Secretary: Angie Peterson

Bookkeeper/Principal's Secretary: Sara Harris

Data Operator: Melynda Marquardt

School Nurse: Jennifer Ross

Please keep info updated (email, phone number, medical, etc.). Contact the office at 913-780-7240 if you are concerned you may be missing communication or need to update your family's information.