Paw Prints

Norfolk JR. High

By Allison Sothan

Lion and Unicorn Fight

Late Saturday night there was a disturbance called in about Leo the lion and Judy the unicorn, because
they had been fighting throughout the town. There were reports that this fight was over a crown. Witnesses say the lion had won, but Leo and Judy skipped town after receiving different kinds of bread and plum pie.

The Beatles

The Beatles were a band who controlled the radio stations of the 1960’s and helped shape a generation. They first formed in 1957, when a young John Lennon met Paul McCartney at a church fete in July 1957, and called themselves the Quarrymen. The two started to add others to the group like George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best as their original drummer. They came out with their first recording in mid 1958, and they did a cover of That’ll Be the Day by Buddy Holly. In 1961, the band was discovered by Brian Epstein and secured a contract with EMI. They also found a new drummer Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) and produced their first single Love Me Do in October 1962.

Their next single was Please Please Me. The Beatles really took off after the songs She Loves You, and I Want To Hold Your Hand. The Beatles made it big in the states in 1964 when they made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show . They launched a “British Invasion” of other rock bands into the U.S. After that they went back to Britain and filmed Help! in 1965. That June, the Queen of England made a statement saying The Beatles would be awarded the MBE (a member of The Order of the British Empire). They came back to the US and set records for the largest concert attendance (55,600 attended).

But they gave up touring soon after the death of their manager Brian Epstein due to an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.They filmed The Magic Mystery Tour that was panned by critics and failed. As a result, they retreated to India for meditation for about two months in 1968. Their company Apple Corps. then had management problems. In July they faced crowds that acted like they’d never been gone at the premiere of The Yellow Submarine. The parting ways was becoming more obvious after they released The Beatles (commonly known as the White Album). Lennon left in 1969 and things were kept quiet until McCartney announced his departure in 1970. that was the final straw that broke the band apart. They won seven Grammys and 15 Ivor Novello’s.


Do you like drama and romance movies? If so, this would be a great one to watch. This movie deals with a boy named Charlie who starts his freshman year lonely, dealing with the suicide of his best friend, and the pain of a first love lost. Heis also living with his own mental illnesses, while trying to find who he is and where he belongs. His journey starts when he is found by two step siblings, Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller), who have some trouble of their own. writen by Stephan Chbosky
The Perks of Being a Wallflower Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Emma Watson Movie HD

4G is it good or bad?

I think this story would be worth reading if you own a smartphone with or without 4G network capabilities because i predict that by the end of 2013 all smartphones will be 4G. For those who have it they can gain information on what they have and maybe learn things they didn’t know and ways they could use it more efficiently.

Icons Pop Quiz

There is a list of famous icons and characters based off a category and you attempt to guess who that person is or what the drawing symbolizes. The closer you are to the full title the more points you earn. You can use five different power-ups that’ll help give you points. You can unlock more levels and categories. If you like the drawing, you can save the picture and use it as a wallpaper to your phone or tablet. You can even share your accomplishments on Facebook!