Natural disasters


The term disaster refers to the huge material losses and human lives, caused by events or natural phenomena such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, landslides, deforestation, pollution and others
Some disasters are caused by human activities, for example, the enviromental pollution, construction of houses in high-risk areas, the erroneus and irrational explotation of renewable naturals, etc.
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1. Mass movements.

The mass movements can be divided in snowslides and landsiles.


One of the most dangerous phenomena are snowslides, landslides of large masses of snow, from the top of the mountains to the lower areas.
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Landslides are the most common natural phenomena that occur.


There atmospheric phenomena such as heat waves, hail, drought, hurricane, water demands, thunderstorms, tornadoes and many others.
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Nowadays, one of the phenomena that we receive more news are produced droughts. Not long ago, we saw news as the great drought that Ethiopia is experiencing today because among other things the absence of two consecutive rainy seasons which have had devastating effects on the population.

Other natural phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes often bring great evil consequences, as in the southern United States where they have been evacuated thousands of people due to the risk of hurricanes and massive flooding, such magnitudes that have come to make highways in large pools.
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There are several types of volcanic explosions and there were great of them throughout history but one of the most imporant was the one that occurred in Pompeii, Italy, or the one that occurred thousands of years ago on the island of Santorini, which were one of the most important and more relevant throughout history.


One of the biggest earthquakes in Spain was the one in Lorca (Murcia) in 2011, which shook the town, where there were around 9 dead and 350 wounded, some of them serious.
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Mega Tsunami 2012

Mega Tsunami is an informal term used to designate those whose waves tsunamis far exceed the height of a tsunami are caused by earthquakes
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