Honey Badgers


Habitat of a Honey Badger

You see nothing but prickly, green cactuses and some tan, quick and tiny lizards running and jumping off dry, grey and tan stones while it makes its direction away from you. your tasting the dry, rough, uncomfortable taste of sand float through the air into your mouth while the sand is hurting, stinging and bothering your eyes.

Do you know a lot about a honey badgers habitat? Well if you don't this is the right article for you!

So much of the ordinary honey badgers habitats have been destroyed. Whether by people cutting trees down, storms, or even by small cities being built around they’re habitats.

Many people have been setting up small communities to protect or give honey badgers shelter. The reason why they also protect them is because hunters or farmers kill them for sport or trespassing.

A honey badgers favorite or preferred habitat is woodlands. since they’re being cut down for land it forces the badgers out to a habitat they don't know or under houses, in yards, parks, and even places.

They also like shrublands, forests, savannas, and deserts. These places have perfect sticky, thick, soft undergrowth for honey badgers to burrow in. They don't burrow in places where it is wet because of floods flooding their dens.

Did you know honey badgers ca survive in the desert by of course eating and storing water in small pockets in their mouth to stay hydrated and energized?

Have you heard anybody say honey badgers hibernate? They actually just eat a lot in summer and fall and store a lot of fat and food in their stomach. They will not have to eat again for a few weeks until they will need to find more food and store it to survive longer.
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Habitat of A Honey Badger

Ways Honey Badgers Lose Their Habitat

Population Decrease of Honey Badgers

Ways Honey Badgers Lose Their Habitat

Honey Badgers lose their habitats all the time making them have to do terrible things.

There’s a lot of times humans cut down trees for a lot of reasons like for factory resources,lots of land,wood,and many more reasons why, lots of this still happens even as if right now.Since they are losing their habitats they are forced to move causing them to not find food as easy,a mate,and it makes it hard to find another habitat to own territory in.

According to Honey Badgers @ National Geographic Magazine

“Natural disasters or storms are damaging or destroying where Honey Badgers live.Rain can flood their burrows and make it collapse on itself or drown them”.When storms are going on Honey Badgers will mostly not go out of their home causing them to starve and risking the chance of their home collapsing.

Sometimes humans don’t know or understand that when communities or towns are being built their, communities or towns can be surrounding a Honey Badgers habitat.Since the town needs to grow they probably will cut down trees for more land.This will cause Honey Badgers to move closer to humans. They can starve,find no where to burrow or even get killed trespassing or get killed by people that don’t want unwanted visitors living by them.So you can help stop this by saving trees,protecting them from storms,or keeping from towns or communities from growing fast.These will save the homes and population of Honey Badgers.

Population Decrease of Honey Badgers

Did u know that Honey Badgers are close to being endangered? If you didn't then read this to learn how to save,protect,and help Honey Badgers.For instance hunters have been decreasing the population of Honey Badgers a lot.They usually kill them for sport and food but mostly for fun.Meanwhile,hunters are causing shelters to be setup to protect these wild animals from being endangered or killed.

Moreover,farmers kill Honey Badgers also.Farmers kill them for trespassing,damaging or eating crops,and eating or killing their livestock.Honey Badgers mostly do this because their habitat was cut down or surrounded by a town or city and then it started to starve for being without food since their habitat was destroyed so all animals to eat had moved out.So i looks for food and the only thing it can find is crops and livestock.Farmers need to understand that there’s animals starving out there.

On the other hand, floods are decreasing population but not a lot.Floods usually occur when it rains,floods mostly kill baby,helpless Honey Badgers because rain causes their home to either collapse or flood and it drowns the baby’s and even sometimes kills the mother for trying to save them but also drowns.

See Honey Badgers are just animals who want peace and no death.There’s a lot of people who are now helping Honey Badgers and you could be one of them.


Burrow: A hole dug by a animal for a home or shelter.

Endangered: Danger of death or extinction.

Habitat: The area or environment a specific animal lives in.

Territory: A area defended by a animal(s) or a area someone owns.

Population: The total amount of a species or people that live in an area or state,country, continent,etc.