by Mrs. Fisher

Known as the birthplace of American democracy, Historic Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park (INHP) is located on the site of many of the seminal events that carried the nation through its founding as a global leader of democratic ideals. But this site hasn’t remained static in the nearly two-and-a-half centuries since the Declaration of Independence was adopted there on July 4, 1776.

Interesting Facts about Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia has been long known as a tourist attraction for people who have a love of history, culture and food. Every year, Philadelphia hosts over three million visitors, many of whom come from other countries. Even with the rough economy, the tourist trade hasn’t suffered. In fact, the number of visitors from states like New York, Maryland and even Florida has steadily increased over the last couple of years.

Many Philadelphia residents, however, don’t seem to be too impressed with the same things that people will pay money to come and see. A lot of residents, for example, have never visited the Betsy Ross House, taken a carriage ride through the city or visited the Liberty Bell.