Online Safety for Students

The Internet for Ages 4-7

This is the age when children finally have some freedom to begin to explore and discover on their own. It is important for you to monitor the sites your children have access to. It is also important to consider if your child can communicate with people they do not know online. Along with safety, age appropriate sites are important for this age group. Children should not be discouraged from using computers by trying to use a site that may be too difficult or advance for them to use.

A Video for you and Your Child to Watch Together

Some Warning Signs

Your child spends a large amount of time online

You receive phone calls from people you don't know

Your child quickly turns off the monitor when you come around

Your child receives gifts in the mail from people you do not know

You find inappropriate images on your child's computer

What You Can Do

Keep kids in sight when they are online. They will be less likely to browse inappropriate sites if they know you are nearby.

Check up on them. You should know how the check your child's history online. If you see something you are unaware of, look of the site to make sure it is safe for your child to use.

Limit how often they use technology. Restrict how much time your child can spend playing games and using social media online. After that amount of time is up, your child should only be allowed to use the computer if it is needed for homework.