The Things God Whispered To Me

by Author Titus Broom

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“Life and Death swing on the hinges of the Choices we make”

Titus Broom, born on Wednesday, May 19, 1971 into a world filled with unconditional love and a wealth of knowledge for God, faced challenges from the very beginning of life. By giving birth at a young age, his mother Bonnie L. Broom didn’t let unpopular views distract her. Regardless of what the world thought of her, she knew that Titus Valencio Broom would be someone special. With the help and love from her parents, her first born would be sheltered with nothing but love.

Through the years, Titus’s bond with his grandfather Sam Broom grew to a substantial amount. Being the topic of many jokes in school for his thick lips and non-popular apparel, Titus questioned whether or not life was worth living. Looking for options to stop the harassment, Titus thought of becoming a drug dealer, but decided against it because he didn’t want to bring shame to his grandfather. As only God would have it, on May 21, 1993 Grandfather Broom passed away. Feeling that nothing more was left, Titus turned to the one thing that would break his grandfathers’ heart, drug dealing.

Gaining all of the popularity and attention that he had so longed for, Titus was at the top of the charts for women, police officers, potential robbers and more. Showing that he was no longer the soft spoken kid that everyone knew before, he acquired the street name ‘Black’ and showed everyone on Keswick Avenue that being 6’1 and almost 160 pounds was his version of being a heartless thug. Although he had gained the respect of the streets, Titus’s heart still ached for his grandfather. Spending countless moments at his grandfather’s grave site apologizing for his newfound occupation and behavior, Broom knew in his heart that he was causing tears to fill his grandfather and God’s eyes with tears.

As greed crept within his soul, Black (Titus) would soon feel his defeat when one of his closest friends set him up to be killed. Filled with multiple gunshot wounds, his ears were ringing with whispers from the paramedics stating, “He probably won’t make it.” With that being said, Titus stopped breathing. Through his transformation and will to live, Broom could hear himself speak to God asking him to please except him into His kingdom. Answering his plea, he began to breathe again.

Almost eighteen years later to that dreadful date of July 19th, Titus still had to face his past. Even though God gave him another chance at life, he still had to learn a lesson for his transgressions. Losing the ability to physically walk again and spending time in prison for drug trafficking, he could hear the words of his grandfather telling him to remain strong and this too shall pass. Now a college graduate, husband, father, author and Message Whisper, Titus Broom has proven that “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”. Touching lives to inspire those who are encouraged to choose negative actions and need the ‘Reality Self-Check’, Titus Broom lives his self-proclaimed motto, “I am a portrait of ONE NEGATIVE CHOICE, but despite my past I have RISEN and OVERCOME.”

Learning to use his very own “Choices” and turn them into inspiring positives for others, Titus Broom is an Overcomer of his past and an Achiever of his future. His gift of sharing the beauty and pains on life; leaves him desiring to transform the lives of those who choose negative choices with the hopes to guiding them to make positive living, achievable, attainable and life enriching lives. Shouting his mantra, “Life and Death swing on the hinges of the Choices we make”, to all that will listen, Titus is on a mission to make a difference within the world.

So unto you and the world, we would like to introduce, The Message Whisperer, Titus Broom.

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