SCS Happenings: November 17, 2022

Saint Catharine of Siena, pray for us.

From One Wildcat to Another....

Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.
Loving Creator,
We asked for strength, and you gave us difficulties to make us strong.
We asked for wisdom, and you gave us problems to solve.
We asked for prosperity, and you gave us purpose and brains to use.
We asked for courage, and you gave us fears to overcome.
We asked for patience, and you gave us situations where we were forced to wait.
We asked for love, and you gave us troubled people to help.
We asked for justice, and you called us to be just and to lead with integrity.
Lord, we have received nothing that we asked for or wanted.
And yet, we received everything that we needed.
For this, we give thanks.

May you have a joyous Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and love.

Thank you for all you do today, tomorrow, and always. Saint Catharine of Siena, pray for us.

Air high fives to all,

Mrs. Marcella Kraycik

In Memory of Mrs. Bilinski - Purple Dress Down Day - Tomorrow, Nov. 18th

Wear appropriate PURPLE SHIRT with GYM PANTS in memory of Mrs. Bilinski.

Oh When the Saint Go Marching in....

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Congratulations to our first graders on this most special day.

Grades Close, Reports Issued, Second Trimester

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Scrip Gift Cards Make the Perfect Holiday GiftS!

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Revised Absence/ Illness Policy 2022-2023

November 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am happy to inform you that our health protocol for the 2022-2023 school year has been revised. I thank you for your support and cooperation over the last few years regarding school health, and I look forward to continuing to work together to keep our students, staff, and school families as healthy as possible. Please carefully review the attached information for changes, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns at any time, as always!

Erin Miller

SCS School Nurse


Saint Catharine of Siena School Contact Information

Main Office: (610) 779-5810

Fax: (610) 779-6888

Mrs. Kraycik (

Mrs. D’Achille (

*Please see our school directory below for teachers' and aides email addresses.

PreK -

Kindergarten - /

1st - /

2nd - /

3rd - /

4th - /

5th - /

6th -

7th -

8th -


MS Aide -

PLEASE EMAIL all of the following if your child is SICK

  • Mrs. Miller (our nurse)

  • Mrs. Kraycik and Mrs. D’Achille (Office)

  • along with your child’s teachers

St. Catharine of Siena School Absence/Illness Policy 2022-2023

  • Please call or email the school office and your child’s teacher by 8:00 am if your child will be absent for any reason. If his or her absence is illness related, please also send the email to the school nurse. If we know why your child is absent, we will not need to interrupt you during the day with a phone call. (It is also important that we know that all children who are expected to be in school have arrived safely, and that parents are aware of their child’s absence).

  • Please continue to call your child’s pediatrician for guidance as needed.

  • If your child has a fever (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), please keep your child home until 24 hours have passed since his or her last fever without fever reducing medications.

  • If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea, please continue to keep your child home until 24 hours have passed since his or her last episode of vomiting or diarrhea.

  • Please continue to keep your child home with symptoms of contagious illness until symptoms have improved. If your child returns to school with lingering symptoms, a doctor’s note may be requested.

  • If your child has been ill and is returning in less than three days, please send a note or email to your child's teacher and the school nurse upon return explaining the reason for absence as well as current status.

  • If your child is absent due to illness for three consecutive school days, a doctor’s note will be required upon his or her return to school. Notes may be emailed to staff or faxed to (610)779-6888.

  • Covid tests are welcomed and encouraged, but are not required at this time.(Subject to change.)

  • Students will continue to be sent home with symptoms of illness, at the discretion of school staff.

  • If your child is absent, please contact his or her teacher(s) to arrange a time to pick up work, as needed.

HSO Poinsettia Forms are due back this MON, NOV 21st - see form below

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Kitty Wright, an SCS Alum and dedicated supporter of Catholic education, was honored on November 10, 2022, at the AFP Berks Regional Chapter Awards Breakfast. Thank you for all you do, Kitty, to support Catholic education and SCS.


SCS Flexible Instruction Day Plan 2022-2023

Procedures to notify students, parents, and employees of the Flexible Instructional Day Program in general and specifically of the use of the FID when implemented on a particular day:

Parents will be notified through the following methods regarding Saint Catharine’s participation of the Flexible Instructional Day Program:

  • Hard copy letter from the Principal describing the approved use of Flexible Instructional Days (FID) as an alternate form of instruction in place of a day otherwise canceled due to inclement weather or building emergency.

  • The same hard copy letter will be sent via Facts using email and will also be posted on our Smores Newsletters.

  • An FAQ will be posted on our new and improved website.

  • Students will also be re- trained regarding what a Flexible Instructional Day is in their classrooms. It will be stressed that the work must be completed for a grade and attendance.

  • The SCS Community (Staffers, Parents, etc) will then be notified again as we use our built in snow days in anticipation of using an FID. Packets can be sent home prior with children should we come closer to using an FID and we are aware of when we may possibly use the FID.

  • Notification will be sent via Facts (all call, text, and email), WFMZ, ABC Channel Six News, Facebook, and our Website stating, “Saint Catharine of Siena School Closed-Flexible Instructional Day. Students and Parents, please check Google Classrooms for detailed instructions from your student’s teachers by 8:15 am.”

Please describe the procedures for posting of materials and assignments, as well as collection of the materials and assignments:

Classroom teachers will treat the Packet and Google Classroom assignments as a regular classroom assignment. Teachers will post the packet via Google Classroom to their families by uploading the packet into a classroom assignment posting or if there is notice, a hard copy of assignments will be given to students. Teachers will then enter grades for each subject into Facts after student completion, collection, and assessment of assignments. Teachers can also utilize Google Classroom or their teacher website (DOJO, etc) to post assignments for students and enter grades into Facts as “FID (date) assignment” upon completion, collection, and assessment. Assignments will be due two days after returning to school from FID for attendance purposes.

If students are unable to print assignments off at home due to technology issues, a hard copy will be given to students upon return to school. Students will have two days to complete the assignments.

If there is an advanced warning that Saint Catharine of Siena may be utilizing an FID, hard copies of the packets will be sent home prior to the weather event.

Some of our teachers will utilize First in Math, Mathletics, or Khan Academy. These have electronic due dates on them. Teachers will assign, set the due date, and assess upon completion. Some of our Middle School Teachers are very versed in Google Classroom and use this as their communication methods. Teachers will allow 48 hours for completion of Online Assignments

Please describe the expectations of teachers in providing office hours and the schedule of their availability:

Teachers are available via email or Google Classroom to answer any questions from students. Teachers may also make a zoom option available for students if needed on FID days for small group instruction.

Teachers are responsible for posting assignments in Facts, Google Classroom or their websites for student access. Teachers are responsible for collecting, assessing, and entering grades into Option C as well. Teachers are also responsible for tracking completion just as they would any other assessment given to students.

When implementing a FID, what accommodations are made for students/employees without internet access?

All teachers have internet access and school assigned laptops. If students are unable to print assignments off at home due to technology issues, a hard copy will be given to students. Students will have two days to complete the assignments. If students do not have internet access, they will have time to complete in school prior to the due date. Either way, students will be given ample time to complete assignments.

What is the expected student schedule on a Flexible Instruction Day?

It is in the students best interest to complete the assignments because incompletion could affect the students grade. Students are responsible for completing the assignments prior to the due date regardless of the method they obtain the assignment.

What are the teacher’s responsibilities on a Flexible Instruction Day?

Teachers are responsible for posting assignments in Facts, Google Classroom or their websites for student access. Teachers are responsible for collecting, assessing, and entering grades into Option C as well. Teachers are responsible for answering communications from Teachers are also responsible for tracking completion just as they would any other assessment given to students.

What is your policy for student participation for the purpose of enforcing attendance?

Students are required to “Check in” to Google Classroom by 8:15 and complete all assignments issued on the FID. If they are checked in, they are marked present. In addition, students are given 48 hours for completion of all assignments. If the assignment is not handed in on the due date, the student will be marked absent for not completing the assignment. The student’s grade will also be affected by the lack of completion. If an assignment is late, the student will also be marked absent.

Please verify the following subjects will be covered during the Flexible Instruction Day:

Elementary (K-8) Please check to verify. Yes, all of these subjects will be covered. Elementary (K-8): Reading, Language Arts (English), Mathematics and Religion. Grades 5-8 must also include Social Studies and Science. Assignments should be 20-30 minutes per subject for the middle school and high school students. For students in the early elementary grades, recommended cumulative time is 1.5 hours for K-2 and 1.75 hours in grades 3-4

  • Reading

  • English - Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Religion

  • Social Studies (Grades 5-8)

  • Science (Grades 5-8)


  • November 22, 2022: Grades close
  • November 21, 2022: Food Drive Ends / HSO Poinsettia Orders due
  • November 23, 2022: Teacher Day of Recollection, First Day of Thanksgiving Break.
  • November 29, 2022: Second Trimester Begins, and School Resumes
  • December 8, 2022: Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Mass @ 9:30in gym.
  • December 9, 2022: Christmas Show, 12:45 start. Students are to wear Christmas Best. Please, no jeans. Thank you. DOORS OPEN AT 12:20pm
  • December 12, 2022: Report Cards issued
  • December 16, 2022: Early Dismissal
  • December 20, 2022: Ugly sweater dress down for Scoliosis
  • December 21, 2022: Gingerbread day (Grades 5-8)
  • December 22, 2022: Early Dismissal, Christmas break begins
  • January 3, 2023: School resumes
  • January 29 thru February 4, 2023

Our Annual Christmas Show will be held on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 12:45pm. Doors open at 12:20pm ***Please let all relatives know that the doors will not open until 12:20pm. Also, DO NOT PARK in the Upper "Old Bank" Parking Lot. It was sold and we no longer have permission to use it.

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Odd and Even classes compete to bring in the most canned food. Winners get a dress down day. All donations will help support the EXETER Food Bank.

Ugly sweater dress down for Scoliosis on Tuesday, December 20th

We will be have a UGLY SWEATER DRESS DOWN DAY for SCOLIOSIS. Donation of $2. More details to follow.
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Congratulations, Emily, for 3rd place at the Diocesan Spelling Bee for 7th Grade

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Congratulations to our 8th Grade Mathletes!!

BC Head of School, Mr. Hess and BC Campus Chaplain, our very own, Father Kuna stopped by St. Catharine of Siena to congratulate the SCS Fall Mathletes, including 3 Future Saints who earned perfect scores: Braylon, Maddox and Madeline.

Kudos to Mrs. Cieniewicz, our fabulous Accelerated Math Teacher.

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November Lunch Menu: Lunches $3.25

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