15th Annual Miss America Party

{yeaaaah!!! I just can't wait!!}

Our special gathering is coming soon!

As usual, you will have many opportunities to win prizes throughout the week!

Watch your emails or text messages every minute of everyday!:)

A special place is reserved in your honor in the Princess Room at...

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 6:30pm

4401 S Washington St

Grand Forks, ND

(notice the new place of event-it will not be at my house!) It's the Wild Hog-just does not seem pageant worthy to make a larger text than this! ha ha!!

Please bring:

  • a "favorite thing" gift for each of us!
  • $10 for the "scholarship winnings"
  • wear your crown pin!
  • bring the traveling earrings (whoever has them!)
  • a hungry tummy!
  • Please RSVP regrets only!:)