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For GHES Teachers -- Jan 2017

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World Read Aloud Day

If you haven't figured out, global connections are a passion of mine! I love "flattening the walls of our school" and connecting with others, whether it is someone in our own city or someone across the world. World Read Aloud Day is a day created by litworld.org to place a focus on reading. I would love to make it a "World" read aloud day by connecting each of your classes with others outside of our school. This might be other classes across the country, a school in another country or authors our readers can connect with.

During the week of Feb.13, I will be connecting your class with someone outside the walls of our school during your library time! This will be a great opportunity for our learners as we promote reading and its importance.

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Our Makerspace is OPEN for business!

Over the past few months, you should have begun hearing the word Makerspace more and more. I have started implementing Makerspaces into library lessons to educate our students about the exciting new thing at Glenhope! Our Makerspace will encompass more than just something that happens during library time. It is important that you are in the know about what it means and how it can benefit your kiddos, as well as how you can incorporate the materials into your curriculum.

The two GTU classes this session will involve:

#wk1 Exploring new Makerspace products, brainstorming ideas about different ways we can get the most effective use out of our Makerspace

#wk2 Explore different sites and collaborate to find different ways to use Makerspace materials with your specific TEKS/curriculum

If you are unable to attend either of the GTU sessions, please click on the following link to add any ideas you may have about the Gator Makerspace! These could be things you have read about Makerspaces, ideas about scheduling, materials for Makerspaces......


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3D Printing

Moving the 3D printer to the library window has created lots of excitement and interest. I have TONS of kids asking me each day to print them something. I decided that we needed some guidelines (for my sanity)! We have plenty of filament to print but felt like we needed some purpose behind the printing, rather than, "Just because I want something." Here are a few of the guidelines and ways that students can print:

  • Persuade me through grade-level appropriate writing what they want and why
  • Student has completed a specific goal they have been working on with their teacher (this could be anything from behavior, writing stages, reading level..)
  • Follow step by step instructions to design an object
  • Design their own object from scratch
They can go to www.gatorzread.weebly.com / students / 3D printing ideas and can scroll through the page to read more about each one. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas! I will work on a more simplified version of this for the younger students, soon.

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Epic eBooks

If you haven't had me set up your Epic ebooks for you, just send me an email! The teachers who have an account for their kids are loving it. There are TONS of reading options for your students.

PRIOR POST: Epic eBooks has an ENORMOUS number of popular books, non-fiction books and a lot more to offer your readers. Mackinvia has eBooks that I have shown your kiddos but I feel that Epic is much more USER FRIENDLY and has so many more CHOICES! The books on Epic are FREE!

The downfall is you have to set up your class and add your students. I am willing to do this for you! After I get you signed up, it is as easy as having your students log in! Just email me your class list or let me know you want me to do this for you and I will let you know when you can access it! YOUR STUDENTS WILL LOVE IT!!!

Reorganization of Fiction Books

When I got here in August, one of the first things I noticed was that all the picture books and chapter books are in one section. I think that having them separate makes it so much easier for students. Books are separated this way in public libraries and other school libraries. The chapter books will have a call # with "FIC "and the picture books will have a call number with "E". So, it is a big tasks in order to get them separated. I am currently on the "h"s. If you come in and are having trouble finding a book because of the "work in progress", just let me know!