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A Whole New Decade!

With a whole new decade upon us, it seems like there are New Year's Resolutions on steroids this year! Everyone wants to be a whole new version of themselves - to live a life they never could have thought possible the past ten years!

While that's all fantastic for those who are motivated by a fresh start, I feel like it's best to remember that we have an opportunity to have that same fresh start every day, new year or not. Every interaction we have with a fellow human being is an opportunity for it to be better than the last. Every meal is an opportunity to try to eat a little healthier, every nice afternoon a chance to try and fit in a little more exercise.

As a parent, I try to remind myself that every chance I get to interact with not only your children, but my own as well, is an opportunity to listen a little more closely, to play a little bit harder, and to be a little bit more patient.

In schools we talk a lot about "continuous improvement". You might hear a teacher say they got into the field of education because they believe in "life long learning". Both of those concepts center around the fact that there doesn't need to be a reason, or an excuse, to do better. Each of us has the chance every moment of every day to be better than the moment before - make a better decision, show a little more kindness, have a little more fun.

Let's make 2020, and every day following...the best yet!

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Spotlight on: our new Special Education Teachers!

Judith Wodzak is our new speech language pathologist at Galesville Elementary, but she also works at GET Middle School and GET High School. She just finished grad school at the University of Iowa in May and is very happy to be starting her career in such a supportive school district. Ms. Wodzak first heard about the GET school district from her nieces and nephews Maddie, Kit, and George Tengel and River and Rain Klingbeil. Ms. Wodzak lives in La Crosse and enjoys music, theatre, fiber art, and swing dancing.

Carissa Gibbons is one of the new special education teachers at Galesville Elementary. This is Miss Gibbons's third-year teaching but her first year in the G-E-T school district. She graduated from Winona State. Ms. Gibbons grew up Wisconsin and loves living by the river! Her hobbies include crafting, decorating, reading, and visiting the ocean. She loves to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of the Midwest while enjoying time with her family and friends!

Leah Haines is another new special education teacher at Galesville Elementary. Due to some enrollment changes after the start of the year, you might also see Ms. Haines at Trempealeau Elementary School! This is Leah's 8th year teaching special education and her first year here at in the G-E-T school district. In Ms. Haines's free time, she likes to spend time in the sun, kayaking, relaxing or spending time with family and friends. She tries to make a trip to Alaska every 2 years to visit a college friend, and this year she traveled with her grandmother!

Welcome Judith, Carissa and Leah! We are so excited to have you!

A Moment of Kindness

Please enjoy this Moment of Kindness...
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Galesville PTO

Monday, Jan. 6th, 5:30-6:30pm

17151 French Road

Galesville, WI

Check out the Galesville PTO Website!

Ettrick PTO - January Meeting CANCELED, See Next Meeting Date/Time Below:

Monday, Feb. 10th, 5pm

22750 Washington Street

Ettrick, WI

Please check out the Ettrick PTO Webpage!

January Events

As always, be sure to check your child's folder for the most current information from their classroom teacher!

  • 1/6 - Galesville PTO
  • 1/13 - Ettrick PTO Meeting - CANCELED
  • 1/16 - 2nd Grade Field Trip to Refuge
  • 1/17 - No School, Teacher Inservice
  • 1/24 - Ettrick Whitetail Ridge Field Trip

About Mrs. Schubert

Mrs. Schubert lives in Galesville with her husband, two daughters, three chickens and Belgian Shepherd Hazel. She is a UW-Madison graduate and huge Badger football fan. When not hanging out with students at Galesville and Ettrick elementary schools, Mrs. Schubert enjoys running, cooking, fishing, gardening and traveling - especially to the Rocky Mountains where she lived growing up!