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Take Care

This spring has definitely brought about some changes that none of us expected!

Just over a week ago we sat in a room wondering if everyone was going to think we were crazy and going overboard for canceling our elementary music concert, and now here we are...not even in school!

The reality is, while I'm rarely at a loss for words...I don't really know what to say right now. None of us know what will come next at this point, we all just need to focus on taking care of ourselves, our families and our community.

I have been in conversations with our tech department as to how to best communicate with you in this time away from school. I'd like something a little more robust than this newsletter - I'd love the ability to share some videos, etc. The kids know how much I like reading aloud - I definitely want to do some of that! (For now, Mr. Ruud is reading picture books and I am reading a chapter book - you can access these through the district Facebook page). We are working on a format that will allow us to post directly to a sub-page on the district website for each school. If you have not been to check out the new version of the district website in the past week, definitely check it out! ( It has been streamlined to provide you the most relevant information at your fingertips during this difficult time.

In the meantime, don't stress about school here at the start - enjoy the time. Do some projects around the house you've been putting off, take a walk outside (preserving social distancing of course!), make a new recipe for dinner...even let the kids watch an extra movie or two. Initially it's important we all regroup, and re-ground ourselves, and prepare for what could be a long road ahead.

Take care, wash your hands, hug your kiddos a little extra harder!

~Mrs. Schubert

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About Mrs. Schubert

Mrs. Schubert lives in Galesville with her husband, two daughters, seven chickens and Belgian Shepherd Hazel. She is a UW-Madison graduate and huge Badger football fan. When not hanging out with students at Galesville and Ettrick elementary schools, Mrs. Schubert enjoys running, cooking, fishing, gardening and traveling - especially to the Rocky Mountains where she lived growing up!