Wooden Dog Crate/End Table


A Den for Your Best Friend

I purchased this dog crate a few years ago when my 65 pound Golden Retriever needed a more enclosed space to recover from surgery. My goal was to get something he could be rest comfortably in while also not having a plastic eyesore in my house and allowing me to put it in the living area of the house so he could socialize with the family while recuperating.

This crate is sizeable, measuring 36" long by 24" wide by 30" high. It's a dark stained wood with a door with simple latch. If your animal fights being confined or will strain at the door, this is not the crate for you, but if you have an animal who just needs the suggestion of a closed door to keep them enclosed (or would like a den with the door open to enjoy while the family is in the same room), this is a good furniture option. The interior fits a standard dog bed/crate liner.

Due to the size of the crate, you'll need to pick it up at my home (and be sure to be driving a station wagon or SUV/Minivan!).
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Cash only and will go to the first buyer who can arrange pickup