Middle School Updates


I wanted to touch base regarding the middle school kits. Tammie Schrader has been working directly with each of our MS teachers since late August to ensure they have the remote tools they need for the fall while the official remote curriculum was finished rolling out.

The difficulty has come in respect that middle school is taught much differently than elementary, often in a lab, and item such as chemicals, burners, etc. are not able to be distributed individually per student safely. As a result, we've been working to develop a remote curriculum.

Physical and Earth Science remote curriculum is available at Carolina Science Online (not on Canvas) and teachers are able to assign lessons for students to complete remotely (Life Science is coming out early November). To access these lessons, go to CarolinaScienceOnline.com and log in. Go to the unit you're teaching. You'll see the different kit lessons displayed in a grid. To fine the @Home remote lessons, just above the grid, click the link for "Categories". Check the box for "@Home". That will filter the displayed lessons to show you the remote curriculum.

Here is a link to a quick tutorial video that using a lesson from Energy, Machines and Motion. Attached, you will find flyers that will explain more in depth: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Akbo9Ja_w4Bw0SwwZHkUgMppZayl

  • Carolina has transitioned all of the exit slips, Reflecting on What You’ve Done, and the Written Assessment to digital resources. These resources are in both English and Spanish with the simple click of the toggle button inside of the resource. Login and click your unit and then filter by lesson. There are now close to 100 resources per unit, so filtering by lesson will show what is available. I have also included the grading pdf to help if you are creating assignments for your students

Tammie is finishing up some remote supplemental lessons/materials, as well, and we will be unveiling those soon. We truly thank you for your patience as we are all trying to navigate these uncharted waters and get you all the support you need.

Below this letter are some MS resources we are passing on from Carolina which will help you better navigate the @Home resources.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Beth :)