News from the BK Library

February/March 2016

Spring in the Library

  • Research has been in the air 2nd semester. Students have been learning to use the Databases to find reliable sources for their papers and projects.
  • We have a large number of new books in many genres. Award winners abound.
  • Our new reader board offers school news and celebrations to the many students who pass through the library each day.
  • New mini-tech sessions on Wednesday during Office Hours are coming. See below.

Coming Soon to the Library

Wired Wednesdays in the Library will begin soon during Office Hours on Wednesdays. Students may elect to attend a short session on how to use a Library Resource, a Google App, a Database, a Digital Tool, or other topics as selected by student need. To make these sessions relevant to the most students, please take the linked survey and indicate what you would like to learn about. When the results have been gathered, then sessions will be announced. Thank you for your help.

Test Prep and Help with Homework

What if students could prepare for ACT, SAT, and AP tests online for FREE? The Idaho Commission for Libraries offers all residents of Idaho access to the Learning Express Library through the LiLI Database Portal. The College Preparation Center offers practice tests, tutorials, and more. There are also other 'Centers' that have help with 4 - 12 School work, Software Skills, Adult Learning, and more. Username and Password are you town and zip code if it asks you to log in.

K - 8 Digital Tools and Resources

The library website now offers a link to Digital Tools and Resources for grades K-8. Resources for both Elementary and Junior High school students include databases for research, eBooks to read, book lists, help for assignments, and more. These are all free resources. Please share this site with your families when the need for information arises.

eBooks for Reference

The Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) is a collection of carefully selected reference books in digital format. About 75 new books have been added recently. These are titles about science, history, literature, geography, scratch programming, theology, and more. You can find them on the Database Page under GVRL or use the eBooks button. You can also download the AML app to read them on your phone.

2 Titles in GVRL that you can use IMMEDIATELY

For those taking the AP Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, World History, or Calculus AB &/or BC there is a digital copy of Preparing for the AP Test in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. These are the same books some of you are carrying around.
The College Blue Book contains information about thousands of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. This 6 volume set can answer a lot of questions.
Find them in the library catalog, or on the eBook page of the library website.