Foreign Service Officers Needed

How to become a Foreign Service Officer

What does it mean to be a Foreign Service Officer?

The Foreign Service has a wide variety of duties, but in short its employees are the faces of the U.S. government around the world. They staff embassies and consulates in nearly every country of the world and provide assistance to American citizens overseas. There are five different career tracks available to pick from including consular officers, economic officers, management officers, political officers, and public diplomacy officers.

Is the Foreign Service right for you?

While the Foreign Service can be a very intriguing career, it is not for everyone. Below are several question that will help you determine if a future career in the Foreign Service is conducive to the lifestyle that you wish to lead.

Would you enjoy....

Traveling frequently to foreign lands?

Hosting and attending representational events?

Working in a busy and lively environment?

Learning about and living in new and different cultures?

Having a significant amount of autonomy in your work?

Am I willing to...

Live and work anywhere in the world, even in locations considered hardship posts?

Live without familiar amenities for extended periods?

Change jobs every 2-4 years?

Tolerate living in a location that does not have employment or quality educational opportunities for my family?

Work long and unusual hours?