Sophomore Success Guide

Preparing for "Life after Central High School"

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Get to know your Guidance Counselor and make sure you are on track on your desired graduation plan.

Counselors serve students with last names starting with...

Dream Big & Work Hard

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Monitoring your Academic Progress, Rank & GPA

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Expand your involvement in...

Prepare for College Admissions Requirements

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Benefits of Taking the PSAT

The PSAT test is recommended for all college-bound Sophomores, because...

  • …it is FREE. The cost of the test is covered by SAISD.
  • is valuable practice. This testing opportunity can help students become familiar with the testing format, and learn how to pace yourself on a college entrance exam.
  • ...the results shows students how they compare to other college-bound students in Texas.
  • ...the results provide excellent feedback on a student's strengths and weaknesses.
  • ...the results offers tips on how to improve scores on a future SAT test.
  • ...if you take the PSAT again in your Junior year, you will have with a chance to qualify as a National Merit Scholar or Commended Scholar, resulting in improved college admission and scholarship opportunities.

CHS Sophomores can take the PSAT (free of charge) each school year. Sophomores who are enrolled in advanced academic classes are automatically registered. Other Sophomores should inform the counseling center of their desire to take the PSAT at least 2 weeks prior to the test date. Students are encouraged to prepare for this test at the PrepSTEP website. SAISD has paid the site license for our students to use this website free of charge. You can email your counselor or the CHS Librarian for the PrepSTEP password information.

Come to the Counseling Center if you need assistance...

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If you need a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) for your driver's license application, you can complete a request a VOE form at the front counter of the Counseling Center.
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Military Related Information

Your counselor has information about...

Exploring College & Career Options

Sophomore year is a good time to...

Visit the websites of your prospective college

A College Search Engine can be useful in identifying the colleges/universities that meet your preferences (degree programs, location, size, sports programs, etc.)

Once you have identified several options, it is recommended that you visit each College's website. These websites offer a wealth of information about the college's admissions requirements, programs of study, extra curricular activities, summer programs for high school students, etc. Students should utilize these websites to thoroughly investigate their prospective colleges, in order to narrow down their top choices.

Most college websites also exhibit promotional videos on Youtube or at the college's website. Here are a few examples of these types of videos: A&M, Angelo State, Baylor, Howard College, Tarleton State, Texas State, Texas Tech, The University of Texas, UTSA, etc.

Finally, you can attend college fairs, including virtual fairs such as CollegeWeekLive or in-person-fairs, such as Concho Valley College Night (usually held in early October).

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Consider registering for College Entrance Exams

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Sophomores & the SAT/ACT Test

Four year universities require students to submit college entrance exam scores. Most students test for the 1st time in the Spring of their Junior year. However, if you are ahead in math and currently enrolled in Algebra 2, you should be ready to test in the Spring or Summer. You can register online for the SAT or ACT. Be sure to send your scores to your prospective college(s).

More information about SAT/ACT dates, fees, registration, etc. is available at Counseling Center's page of the CHS website.

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Develop a personal Resume

In your Senior year, some of your college and scholarship applications may require letters of recommendation. Therefore, students are encouraged to identify at least 3 people who would be willing to write a positive letter of recommendation. Plan to give each of these individuals a copy of your personal resume. Below are some examples of what to include on your personal resume. Ask your counselor if you would like to see a sample.

Your Resume should document your...

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Pre-Registering for your Junior year

When you select your classes for your Junior year, be sure to...

  • ...take challenging courses that prepare you for college. CHS offers a variety of Pre-AP, AP, and dual credit courses. Get advice from your parents, teachers, and counselor if you are not sure which type of course is right for you.
  • realistic with regard to your overall work load and consider the time commitments of your extra-curricular activities.
  • electives that will prepare you for your chosen career field.
  • ...consider talking additional elective courses instead of aide positions or work passes. High School is the last time that you can take classes for free, so take advantage of the opportunity.
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