Respiratory System

...Just Breath!

Activity #1

With your team, read the passages below. As a team, answer the question(s) that follow each section.

(Passage written by Rachel O'Donnel.)

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Section 1 Questions:

Click on the link below to answer a couple of questions about the passage above.
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Section 2 Questions

Click on the link below to answer a few questions from the passage above.

Activity #2...MAKING A LUNG!

Click on the link below to begin your STEM investigation and begin making your working model of a lung. Once you open the Google document, click on the "File" and make a copy, and then rename your document to make it your own.

Activity #3 (Extension!)

If you finish early, you may click on the link below to explore more of the respiratory system! (You MUST have approval by your teacher before beginning this activity.)