Nursing program

North Central Texas College

Adimission Requirements

  • Applications for admissions
  • Official transcripts
  • State residency
  • Texas succes initiative
  • Health records


  • Textbooks $1,200
  • Entire degree nursing program approximately $10,000
  • First semester $3500
  • Lab fee normally $24


  • 3 hours elementary statical methods
  • 4 hours anatomy & physicology I and 4hours physicology II
  • 4hours microbiology for non-science majors
  • 3hours lifespan growth development
  • 3hours compositional I
  • 3 hours language/philosophy /culture / creative arts


  • Uniforms-specific scrubs for class and clinical
  • Patches
  • Lab coat
  • Nurnsing shoes
  • Stethoscope
  • Skills kit
  • Wristwatch with second hand
  • Students will need normal school supplies


Students who have interruption in the normal profession of their nursing studies whether by withdrawal from a nursing course or earning a grade lower than a "C" in nursing course will no longer be enrolled in the associate degree nursing program.

90-100A 81-89B 75-80C 66-74D 65 or lowerF

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