Sports Analytics

Professional sports teams can make use of their data through analytics to help drive the bottom line. Both player information along with fan and marketing data can be combined to quickly identify new potential revenue opportunities. and cut down on costs.

Key business problems in professional sports

No matter the sports team or the industry, professional sports franchises face the same set of hurdles that they need to overcome

  • Offset the rising operational costs through new revenue channels or increased efficiencies
  • Continually grow revenue by maximizing fan spending
  • Higher attendance/ticket sales
  • Increasing per fan revenue through concession and merchandise sales
  • Improve upon fan retention for long term success

How analytics can help

Extract insights across multiple sources of data collected throughout an organization. Quickly visualize your data to identify new trends and drill into specific areas of concern. Traditional player analytics use game performance and stats to optimize the value per player. This “moneyball” approach drives sales through the increased success of the team. Fan and marketing analytics focus on ticket, concession, and apparel sales to increase fan spending. A lot of value, and money, can be made with the knowledge that is gained when tapping into this information.

What can Syntelli do?

Syntelli Solutions will help you to leverage your data. Its experience team of professionals will work with you to combine all of your data under a unified business intelligence platform capable of handling all of your reporting, visualization, and analytic needs. Let us help you define your analytic strategy and implement data driven decisions throughout your organization.