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ME :)


I play basketball number #33 my favorite number because it is my bestfriends basketball number
Blank Space- Taylor Swift Lyrics- AUDIO WORKING
Amazing Tron Dance performed by Wrecking Orchestra [Better Quality]
The Jabbawockeez at Harvest Festival new video 2014 by VEVO@DANCE

facts about myself

I love to play basketball. I love to play volleyball. I have two sisters and one brother that live with me. my birth day is December the 4th. Im 14. I like the movie ride along. I like the song blank space. I like reading. I like to play soccer and be outside. my favorite color is red.


Thursday, Dec. 4th, 2pm

south western hights

My birthday is December forth.

You can see all the people that play sports and which kids are in which classes

about me

I like the movie ride along. I like new song by tyga. I like all my classes in school. I like doing sports. some of the sports I like are basketball and volleyball. I love going to the movies with my friends.

about school

in reading we usually do worksheets and on certain days we read books. in science we do worksheets and labs and learn about bones and different things. In social studies we learn about bleeding Kansas and eat math we work and sometimes play games. in keyboarding we type and do other things and listen to music. in p.e we ran and play games.


I like to play basketball. in practice we do a lot of drills. one drill is reverse pivot that's one of my favorite drills in basketball. I like to do 11 and 3 on three so I can play defense. I am a post and sometimes a guard but mostly a post. we run for Fs a 55 for every F. when we don't have Fs we get to listen to music during practice.
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This is one of my favorite quotes from SpongeBob it means to me that when your sad or mad you always have a best friend with you to help you with everything.

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To me this quote means no matter how many times you fail you have to keep trying to be a better person at what you love to do.
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TEAM to me is not just being a group of people that play a sport together instead it is a family and everyday you work hard with that team to accomplish something everyday.