Pen pal

Brian Martinez

My school

It's me again.I enjoy having a pen pal now i can tell you about my life.first off i go to Currie Middle School we have 750 students in our school.How many students do you have at your school.I like my school because we have lots of nice students.our mascot is a cougar.

My spare time

In my spare time i like to play my nentendo 3ds.I have a lot of games i got my 3ds on 2007.when i got it i did not go to favorite game on my 3ds is super smash bros for 3ds it is their on the wii u to.

5 nights at freddys 2

this time i was playing 5 nights at freddys on night 2 and this came out

more stuff

enough of the video games now lets talk more about me .i like math i am good at math i have a b- on math i am also good at art . i also like to go to my school dances next time i will show you a picture of me at my school dance .before i end this i would like to ask you some questions. what is your favorite thing to do at your school ?what is your mascot? what is your favorite video game? Bye Brock