Charlie Gordon

By Paige Steiner

Before The Operation

Charlie Gordon is of many things but most of all he was hard working. In the text it states that, “They said Miss Kinnian told that I was her bestist pupil in the adult nite scool becaus I tryed the hardist and I reely wantid to lern” (Keyes 35). This means that he wants to learn and become smart like everyone else. Also Charlie Gordon is superstitious. This is so because it states, “I got my rabits foot and my lucky penny and my horse shoe. Only a black cat crossed me when I was coming to the hospital” (Keyes 37). It states that he believes in all the old lucky charms.

After The Operation

After the operation, things began to change inside Charlie Gordon. First of all he became smarter. In the text it states, “I was shocked to learn that the only ancient languages he could read were latin, greek, and Hebrew, and that he knows almost nothing of mathematics beyond the elementary levels of calculus of variations” (Keyes 51-52). It supports that he now knows more about Dr. Strauss and he knows that he is smarter than him. Not only did he become smarter, he began to see the world by how it is and more. In the text it says “Only a short time ago, I learned that people laughed at me. Now I can see that unknowingly I joined with them in laughing at myself. That hurts most of all” ( Keyes 54). This means that he now knows what had happened and what he did was wrong. He wants to stop people for making fun of people like him.

Why is Charlie a Dynamic character?

Charlie is a dynamic character became he went from dumb to smart to dumb again. He also knows more about the world and how he became smart. He took that operation since Charlie is a hard worker and he knew he could do it. He had determination and positivity. Sadly after he began to become smart, he started to become dumb again. By the end of the story, Flowers for Algernon the author told us to not change to be like everyone else. It is ok to be who you are. You don’t need to change for anyone.