Payback Time

By: Carl Deuker

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Have you ever wondered about the football player that never went to your school before senor year? This is what Daniel True wondered about the mysterious star middle line backer named Angel Marichal. This journey would take Daniel True through many trials and tribulations to find the truth.


  • Mitch/Daniel True
  • Kimi Yon
  • Coach Mcnulty
  • Angel Marichal
  • Horst Diamond


  • Football stadium
  • Mitch's Car
  • Mitch's House
  • Park/Locks


Mitch True finds out that Angel Marichal use to play in Philadelphia by buying a subscription to the Philadelphia inquirer. Mitch finds Angel's old school. Mitch finds a phone number for that school for that school he calls as Bob Bernstein. He asks about Angel to the operator. He gets redirected to a person who he doesn't know who they are. But he tells them where Angel goes to school. What Mitch doesn't know that this mysterious man is part of a gang.


The Genre of this story is Sports Fiction.


The theme of this story is always keep pursuing your dream no matter what because of Mitch's constant drive to keep finding things out for a report or trying to just out of curiosity. Another thing that shows this theme is Mitch's drive to keep trying to report to get into a better college.
"Payback Time" by Carl Deuker Book Trailer


Mitch True a student and reporter at Lincon High School Trying to find out the truth about Angel Marichal a star player who shows no effort in practice and only gets put in for crucial plays in the game. This journey would take Mitch through many twists and turns in finding out the truth about the truth. With some reporting and sleuthing Mitch might just make it through this journey.
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I rated this story 4 out of 5 stars because of the ability of the story to capture my attention with the constant moving pace and interesting events. Also I would rate this story 4 out of 5 stars because the good character development and a good story line.


I would recommend this story for people that take interest in sports and possibly sports reporting. I would also recommend this book for someone who likes a good book to read.