The Mirror Staring Back

A Thought Provoking Read

What is media?

Media is the power plant of almost all communication in this age. People rarely decide to have face to face interaction unless they plan on posting it to social media at some point later on. How did this happen? How did we lose so many traits due to our ability to read, write and share? We became corrupt with our own ideals of media and how we should use it since there was never a set rule explaining it.

Media is no longer to simply spread news, it is now how everyone stays in touch and lets others see what they are doing in life. People believe that they are the most literate beings while posting on social media, however more often than not they are doing themselves more harm than good. Some people are truly skilled in the arts of reading and writing where as others will write whatever they need to in order to get more publicity.

Since media is such a big part of our lives now, there is no turning away from it. Even today, when it seems like we can no longer find new ways of sharing information, different sources for media are popping up all over. Media is an unstoppable force which started off like many great things, small and weak. Not it owns most of the world by making people want more. Media may be what keeps people together, or it can be what tears them apart. Either way, media is going to stick around until something even greater comes along.

Social Media: the Powerhouse

Social Media sheds light on topics that are otherwise never heard of or are one sided. It does this rapidly and constantly since it has a constant follower status somewhere in the millions. Debates are held and opinions are stated for many subjects, such as how Media has helped people understand vaping, whether or not people are for or against it, they at least know about it and can differentiate vapes from cigarettes. Vaping has spread throughout all sorts of media, such as newspapers, magazines, Instagram pictures, radio talk shows, and so much more. For every form it is shown in, it gets more followers and more people with arguments. This makes it spread through word of mouth, which makes people curious to learn what the craze is, so they google it. They look for it on Vine or other places like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it does not matter how they look it up, they use Social Media to do so. So much power lies in the hands of Social Media, yet it in itself cannot use the power. When attempting to research something, an abundance of different places show up for you to search to your desires, and this is one of the strange things of Social Media. There is never just one of anything, when looking for something in specific multiple places will lead you to similar if not the same answers. In ten years, I can barely even begin to imagine how Social Media will have changed. Holograms to talk to when friends are around the world, receiving the answers to questions just by thinking of a problem before even speaking, or maybe everyone will have shut down Social Media. Both paths are complete possibilities, people all the time feel threatened and are paranoid of Social Media being so strong and not even being alive. So no one is to say if there will or will not be Social Media in the future, however the way it is growing now makes it look like it is not going to stop growing anytime soon.

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Mountain Dew Kickstart: Puppy Monkey Baby

Mountain Dew Kickstart, the highly distinguished energy drink whom released “Puppy Monkey Baby” in its 2016 Super Bowl commercial (Panthers vs. Broncos), claims that their product Kickstart puts some party in its drinkers. First, Mountain Dew shows three friends sitting on a couch bored, followed by a creature mixed by part puppy, part monkey and part baby bringing some Mountain Dew Kickstarts to them, while constantly chanting, “puppy monkey baby” until the friends try the drink and see how amazing the combination of Dew, juice and caffeine are. Mountain Dews purpose here is to show how well three things can fit together, like a puppy monkey baby or the combination of Mountain Dew with fruit juice and caffeine, in order to promote peoples creativity with trying new things (kickstart). Kickstart is trying to reach a select bundle of people who do not usually have energy or bravery to try new substances, however they evoke the interest of adrenaline junkies by showing the friends getting up and dancing after drinking the product.

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Trump Trumped Himself

Trump says that in the Philippines more than a century ago, Gen. John Pershing "took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs’ blood," and shot 49 Muslim rebels. "The 50th person, he said, ‘You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened.’ And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem."

At a rally in North Charleston, SC, Trump tried to tell an interesting story about how terrorists were stopped during the Philippine-American war using only bullets dipped in pigs blood. In order to have a well fed position on this anecdote, one must know some facts about the war. Trump stated that the war ended in 1903 and the violence was stopped afterwards for 25 years, however the violence continued after 1903 and finally became sedated in 1913. Already this does not add up to make his story look true, never the less the fact that there was only one Philippine soldier who claimed to have seen this and no other witnesses. Right here, Trump lost nearly all credibility in relation to his quote. It is believed that the Muslims who are extremely devoted to their religion fear pig blood, but the chances of it causing a 25 year time of peace is highly unlikely. All in all Trump did what he does best and went for an attention grabbing statement, which did work, however it would have been more interesting if he could have used a true story. Liar liar pants on fire!

Our Society of Proles

The proles of 1984 are oddly similar to today’s society in many more ways than one. They are constantly drinking, watching television, working their 9 to 5, gambling or taking care of their children. This is all that many of us do in real life; we entertain ourselves by watching the lives of others on television whether it be sports or reality shows. Those of us who work their 9 to 5 end up usually heading home and have a few drinks to relax and mellow out for the upcoming day. We gamble on sports, races, games and everyday tasks so that we can find more joy in them. People all over are marrying and having children at a young age, which usually leaves one parent behind watching the child all day and cleaning the house while the other works. All of these things play a bigger role than we may expect, since they do more than keep us entertained. They keep us content and take away our curiosity for true knowledge. All of these distractions make it hard to focus on anything else, especially bigger problems such as international affairs and global disasters. We may hear of these issues but we only care for a moment before we go back to our routine and could not care less for the problems we just heard. It is sad how we believe that we are in charge of ourselves, that we cannot see the bubble that was placed around us when we became the ripe age to think for ourselves, and that we actually believe almost everything we see on television or on social media. Before television was around, people had the curiosity and yearning for knowledge to the extent that they would actually read a paper or listen to news radio to find information and keep up to date on activities. For a person to willingly lookup world events in today’s age is a rarity; all people seem to do is party and watch shows or videos of others partying. This causes a big problem, because it makes us deter any information that does not amuse us. It seems as if a world cannot be spoken without someone retaliating with a bitter attitude and flying fists. Over the smallest things, fights start and do not end until one party is either completely beaten down or until both parties tire themselves out. Without the mention of names or location, a fight recently occurred and ended with the death of one of the girls. The fight started after one girl talked to the other girl’s boyfriend. Instead of civil confrontation or diplomacy, they chose to meet and fight. Simple things like this now ignite our inner fire because we feel like these are big problems. We fight over small things because we are so distracted by meaningless pass-times that we never learn the difference between what is really worth fighting for and what is meant to just pass us without turning our heads towards it.
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The Putsch with a Push

The Beer Hall Putsch on November 9, 1923 was one of the most successful failed takeovers in history. Strange to say, yes, however in the long run the Putsch was what led Hitler into Power. In the attempted takeover, Hitler tried to gain control over the Bavarian government. 16 Nazi party members were killed along with 4 Bavarian police officers, yet the most important part of this uprising was Hitler’s arrest. Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in Landsberg prison yet he only served 9 months due to a general amnesty (governmental pardon) releasing him. During his imprisonment he was able to write his infamous autobiography, “Mein Kampf” which outlined his beliefs of expanding Germanys territory and power. This book is what greatly increased his popularity and spread his name in good favor for when he ran to control Germany so he didn’t have to force his way into power as much as he would have had to without it. Hitler’s time in prison peculiarly granted him more respect from the people since they though he was serving honest time for what he fought for. There were not many deaths in this revolution, however the simple imprisonment of one man looking to become a leader changed history. The entire act of this failed event lasted only two days, during which Hitler tried to force the current Bavarian government out of power. The attempt at a takeover started when Hitler saw his bodyguard entering the beer hall, after he saw this he raised his pistol and shot one round into the ceiling. After this he took three Bavarian leaders into a separate room and told them of the new government he was going to enact, all while holding the three at gunpoint. After he believed that they were on his side, he released them and let them speak of the intended changes and made them say that they followed Hitler’s orders now. Little did Hitler expect, since after the three leaders were released they were able to call upon police and military help to come suppress the march. Hitler ended up carrying on with the plan and marching 2,000 Nazi troops through the streets. They did not get very far before they were stopped, the march being so short since Hitler believed that he would have more support from the locals and police force when in fact the locals retaliated and showed that they were not about to be taken over without a fight. This battle ended prematurely thanks to the will power of the community and the police officers whom continued to protect their citizens even when they were told to do the opposite. Sadly enough, there can be no real correlation between 1984 and this march. The proles never rebel against the party, nor organized group tries to overthrow the party, and the citizens rarely talk to each which makes it nearly impossible for them to form a revolt even if they wanted to. The Beer Hall Putsch was a failed attempt of an overthrow by Hitler, that eventually became a success by gaining him acknowledgement throughout, yet his success caused the almost eradication of an entire populous. Remember, remember, the 9


of November. Staff. "Beer Hall Putsch." A&E Television Networks, 01 Jan. 2009. Web. 13 May 2016.

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Reflecting on my first piece, I see that my views have deepened by an incredible amount. Looking back at it now, I see that I only said those words because they seemed right to say. Now I say those words because they are true, and they really do connect to what’s happening in the world with technology and media. This is one thing I have learned in this class, how to decipher what’s real and what’s not. I will always remember to look deeper into a photo or piece of writing since I see how many tricks are used to grab attention now and how aggressive they try to be in order to make us want to buy a certain product or service. This class is so distant from the other language arts classes that a metaphor cannot even express it. In this class I truly learned material that will help me in everyday life, and not just how to put a semicolon in the right place. My attention was grabbed by the setup of this class from day one because it is so engaging and you can’t finish the class without having a controversial societal thought in your head. In order to make this class better in the future I believe that one or two extra group projects may help. Although the content is always laid out in an entertaining way for us to grasp, I saw that while in groups we (the majority) were always hard at work on the assignment. The criteria was displayed extraordinarily and there is not much you can do to improve this class. There will always be a few bad apples in a class but you handled them respectfully, which is rare, and this made the class feel more comfortable learning from you since you already had our respect.

A Hike Away from Chains

The only possible way to break away from the chains technology has on us is to do the impossible and go outside with no technology. Do this for an hour or two a day and enjoy the real world. The photos we see on media of nature look stunning but actually seeing a waterfall or cliff is no comparison to what our phones show it to be. We are locked in our phones and other devise to the point where we can access whatever our mind desires in the matter of a few seconds, but the trip alone is worth more than the picture. All addictions can be cured, the only problem with our addiction to social media is that it is all around. Nearly every place a person goes, a cell phone or electronic device is being used to search some form of media. This constant encircling of technology makes breaking the addiction so much harder than almost anything else and the only cure seems to be abandonment. Delete all people you follow except for close friends and family (no one has 1,747 close friends) and make sure to only use social media in times of complete boredom. I am going to harness the power of social media for good by showing people what the world can look like without phones for a while. Every hiking trip I take or plane I jump out of, I will take a picture, and post it. But that is not all, I will explain how in person it was so much more miraculous than the picture shows it to be. I will leave invites for people to join me on my next trip and maybe, just maybe, a new trend can start where people actually see beauty with their eyes instead of through a screen.