Amelia Earhart

Changed People's Perception about Women

Where she born and where she died from what year?

A. She died from July 2, 1937.

B.She born in Atchison, Kansas, on July 24, 1897

C.She died with Noonan on Howland Island (Nikumaroro)

How does her childhood or family influence her to become so brave?

A.When she little girl, she not formal lady, she is tomboy.

B.Her father was so drunk and got fired again.

C.Her parent got divorced and has troubles about financial, so they forced Ameila to sell plane.

D.She calm when dog was naughty and she told her mother that she don't have time to be scare.

E.It hard for her to leave her friends after moving with her parent.

How long she interesting about flight and how she found out about pilot?

A.Since she was 10 years old.

B.Amelis and her sister moved Des Moines to be with their parent, Amelia first saw plane and become so interesting.

C.She really like to fly and asked father how much cost for pilot lesson, so she started get job after her father can't pay it to much.

What important happen in her life?

A.She met Sam they went play together and has a lot common together.

B.She save herself from acting tomboy when she fall.

C.Her life will changed after Captain H.H. Railey asked her to be first woman to fly across Atlantic.

D.She met Neta who began lesson with her about pilot.

What was the interesting fact?

A.Amelia Earhart disappeared with her navigator Fred Noonan.

B.The most fact that Amelia and Noonan were died in Soth Pacific Island Called Nikumaroro.

C.She wrote books called "20 Hrs. 40 min", "The Fun of it", and "Last Flight".

D.The U.S. government spent $4 million to looking for Ameila Earhart after she disappear.

Hoe she disappear and how long?

A. U.S. government think that plane was running out fuel and crashed in to the water and sank.

B.Her plane were on low fuels and land on land in Pacific Ocean. All sudden she lost and she screamed and disappear.

C.She dead on January 5, 1939 and 18 months after she disappear.