Spartan Weekly

Shepard Middle School

Why is it still so hot?

Happy October!!!

I'm ready to bust out the flannel, but apparently we'll need to keep the shorts out a little while longer....

The end of a great week is also ushering in the beginning of a brand new month with new learning adventures and opportunities for personal growth. We have had a wonderful 5 days at Shepard with much to celebrate. Lockers are back, our new Student Council team is bigger than ever and ready to get to work with great ideas to enhance and support our school community and we kicked off our First Fridays Open Mic performances today at lunch!

Click Here to Enjoy the First Fridays Showcase Performances - Our next showcase is on 11/5 (all students are welcome to share their talent)

In the coming weeks we will be launching a number of new opportunities for students to connect and get involved (see below), we will see the start of a new quarter, students will start a new Practical Arts class and everyone will have the option to take part in the long standing tradition of "costuming up" for Halloween...

Check in on our Halloween Guidelines

As you head into the weekend, we hope you are able to find time to relax and recharge as a family. Thank you for your continued support. See you Monday!

Chris Cybulski, Principal

Marie Zlotnikov, Associate Principal

Ginger Logemann, Coordinator for Student Services

Upcoming Ways for Students to Get Connected

Student Council - Thursday, 10/7 at 7:15am Ms. Oliff and Ms. Zelnick
Art Ninjas - Monday, 10/5 at 3pm Mrs. Conlin

Drop In Art - Tuesday, 10/6 at 3pm Mrs. Conlin

Yearbook - Tuesday, 10/12 at 3pm Ms. Cameron and Mrs. Layne

Dance/Cheer Team - Informational Meeting on 10/14 at 3pm Mrs. Odden and Mrs. Anderson

Click Here to Check Out Our Extracurricular Calendar


Meredith B (6th Grade Red) is our first winner in the Are You Smarter Than Your Middle Schooler challenge!

The Correct Answer================================>

Are You Smarter...Week 2

8th Grade ELA/Social Studies

Our 8th graders are wrapping up an interdisciplinary unit of study on Orwell's Animal Farm. Can you finish this famous quote from the book's final chapter?

All animals are equal but some animals are _______________________. (Click Here to Answer)

*Winner earns a Starbucks Gift Card courtesy of Mr.C*

Introducing Our Newest Spartans

We are proud to announce 3 new Spartans that have joined our family.

Guest Teachers

While our new parents are home changing diapers, making bottles and lacking sleep, we have 3 great Guest Teachers keeping things rolling in class. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Guest Teachers with any questions.

6th Grade ELA - Mr. Casey Austin

7th Grade SS - Ms. Ramena Avakian

7th Grade Resource - Mrs. Lesley Weile


All Systems Go!!!

Lost a Lock? - We have some available for purchase in the office ($7)


Building students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) skills is important at Shepard. As a part of the learning process, we will be asking our students to reflect on their own SEL mindsets via an online survey. The survey will be administered on Wednesday, October 6 and should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. It asks students to self-reflect on their own grit, growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-management, social awareness, and emotional regulation.

Individual student responses can provide the school and family with insight into what skills the child self-identifies as strengths and others they would like to develop. The overall data helps us (the educators) identify priorities and provide targeted learning opportunities to address the SEL needs in our classrooms.

Per policy, if you would like your child to opt out of taking the survey, please call us at 847-948-0620 no later than Monday, October 4.

SHIELD Testing (Weekly Opt Out Form)

Our SHIELD Testing will take place on Tuesday, October 5.
  • If your student has consent to test, we will assume they will come down during their scheduled time (a reminder announcement will be made for each time slot.
  • SHIELD Testing remains optional. If for any reason you do not want your child to submit a test sample on Tuesday, October 5, please click here.

If you have questions, please call our office at 847-948-0620

Student Health Requirements 21-22

We recognize and are mindful of the fact that many families may have had difficulty getting children in for physical, dental, and eye exams as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to routine medical care; however, at this time, all child-health related requirements for school attendance, remain in effect for children in public, private, or parochial schools, as per 105 ILCS 5/27-8.1.

Health-related examinations and immunization requirements are due no later than October 15. Please click here to be directed to our website for detailed information regarding specific requirements by grade level.

You will soon be receiving communication from our building nurse if your child is missing any of the required documentation. Students not in compliance with the health examination and immunization requirements will be excluded from school beginning Friday, October 15, 2021. Please reach out with any questions regarding these requirements as we want to partner with you to ensure compliance with these requirements. Thank you.

Upcoming Dates

October 6 - Panorama Survey for Students

October 11 - No School

October 19 - Picture Re-Take Day

October 25 - Quarter 2 begins

October 29 - Halloween Costumes (optional) Click for Guidelines


The daily health certifications, bus route info, schedules, and more helpful info can be found on the new Shepard Middle School Website. Make sure to give it a look!

District Resources


Last night, the DPS 109 Board of Education held their September meeting. You can read the brief recap of the meeting here, which includes a link to the full recording of the meeting. We are sending this as part of the principal's newsletter to cut down on the number of emails you receive!


We have new information posted about our COVID case notification process, testing opportunities for symptomatic students, and a guide on what to do if your child wakes up sick in the morning (and what it may mean for other children in your home). Visit for the latest.


This year, fewer students are needing to be quarantined if they are a close contact to a COVID-19 case, thanks to the Lake County Health Department's "Test To Stay" protocol. Click here to read more from the district about it.


DPS 109 will be offering testing for symptomatic students Monday through Friday afternoons during the school year. The BinaxNOW test will be administered outside of the District Office in the beige testing building (please look for sign on door). Testing is free of charge to families. Click here to read more about testing.


It’s always a tough situation when this happens in the morning! Be sure to read this section in our COVID information hub, especially if you have multiple children enrolled in DPS 109. Our school exclusion guidance comes from the Illinois Department of Public Health.