Hubble Telescope

By: Zach, Caleb

Where is it located?

  • It is currently orbiting the earth

Electronic Spectrum

  • It captures white light
  • It also captures infrared to ultraviolet

Looks and Function

  • the heart of the telescope is 94.5 inches in diameter
  • it can only work outside earths atmosphere
  • it is a refracting telescope
  • It sends a signal to the tracking and relay satellite then it sends the data to the ground station in white sands New Mexico, then relays the information to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland

Major Discoveries

  • Found that space is expanding
  • It found black holes
  • It identified how old everything was
  • Discovered many other galaxies
  • Proved planet making recipes

Why is it in Space?

  • The pictures it takes from space are clearer than those on earth because of less interference with earth's atmosphere


  • because of Hubble many other space telescopes have been made