Racism in sports today

By: Sam Sapp and Xander Horsky

Racism in college sports today

In the University of Oklahoma with the SAE fraternity singing racist song on the bus a linebacker Eric Striker was a four- star recruit from Oklahoma and was going to be soon joining the Sooners Program, but then Jean Delance backed out on him after the fraternity video popped up.

Racism in college sports recuriting today

In college football recruiting is there reverse racism. For instance there is a very good high school running back but he is white which is very uncommon and could hurt his ranking in the recruiting pool and his eventual NFL draft stock.

Racism in Major league Sports

On November 30th the St Louis rams players came out for warm ups in the “hands up don’t shoot pose” in reface to Michael Browns case. They also did it because they didn't think that Michael Browns case was right they thought that it was unfair.

Racism In Major League sports

A fan throws a banana at Barcelona player Dani Alves in a professional soccer game in Spain. Instead of ignoring it or informing the official, Alves picks up the banana, peels it, eats it and then takes the corner kick with a mouth full of banana.

Racism in the past

Jackie Robinson is one of the biggest names in sports history. People remember him because he was the first African American major league baseball player. He was also a very good baseball player he had 137 home runs in his whole career

Jackie Robinson and the Racism He Faced

Jackie Robinson went to UCLA and played football, Track and field and baseball and faced racism. Jackie was very skilled at alot of sports because he played football, Track, Field, and Baseball. Coaches constantly yelled racial slurs at him teammates disrespected him.

Jackie Robinson's legacy

Jackie is remembered for his courage and his ability to ignore the fans and other teams. Jackie Has opened the door for many great African American athletes and changed the way sports were played. Jackie had a very good sportsmanship he didn't take his angry out on anyone he just let his angry go when he was on the baseball field.
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