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This week we have a lot on our agenda. The second "Ace Reader" test will be given on February 10th so encourage your students to do their very best! On February 12th we will be celebrating Valentine's Day and there will be a lot of fun surprised involved with this celebration! Finally, we are taking our annual field trip to the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. This field trip is scheduled for February 19th!

Valentine's Day Celebration!

This year our Valentine's Day Celebration is on Friday, February 12th! There are a lot of fun activities planned! In the morning we will have shortened classes and we will still have a spelling test! Then in the afternoon it will be celebration time! If you would like to volunteer your time or a treat for the kids please put your name on the sign up sheet attached!

As part of our celebration, we will be exchanging Valentine's to EVERYONE in the class! I have the class list attached for everyone to fill out their Valentine's. If your student needs helping getting or making Valentine's feel free to email me and I will be glad to help out! Also, we are having a Valentine's Box Competition! The students with the most creative, prettiest, and ___ will receive a prize! Boxes can be made out of old shoes boxes or anything you have laying around the house! There will be guest judges for this competition! Encourage you student to really put their personalities into their boxes! There are examples of boxes from past years to give your students some ideas.

We are going on our annual field trip to Black Pine on February 19th. This field trip will go along with our Animal Classification unit in science and it will help our students learn how to properly care for animals! All students need to have a sack lunch! They can bring their own or the school will provide one but there will not be extra sack lunches provided so please contact me if your child needs a sack lunch from school!