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April 6, 2015

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Where is Alyson this week?

  • Monday- Central Office
  • Tuesday- Athens Elementary
  • Wednesday- Brookhill Elementary
  • Thursday- Cowart Elementary
  • Friday- Technology in Motion
(*Note: Due to Friday's training, JNES teachers may schedule appointments on other days this week. Send me an email if you need anything!)
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Tech Management Tip

Do your students use muti-tasking gestures?

If not, this little poem can help them (and us) to remember these gestures that will have them zooming around their iPad quickly and efficiently! (Using multi-tasking gestures also saves the home buttons on our iPads.)

Gesture #1: Do the FIVE FINGER PINCH to see your apps in a cinch!

Gesture #2: Do the FOUR FINGER SLIDE to make your apps glide!

Gesture #3: Do the FOUR FINGER BRUSH to see your apps in a rush!

You can download free posters with visuals of these gestures from Megan Zigmond's website:

iOS 7 Multitasking Gestures
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iPad Camera = a POWERFUL Classroom Tool

It's easy to get caught up in looking for the latest and greatest that the app store has to offer, but the apps that are native to our iPads can often be the most powerful! The camera app is a great example. Below are a few resources for getting the most out of the camera!

A Few Idea Resources:

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Athens City Elementary Tech Integration


Technology integration can be seen in action across all Athens City Schools. Check out some of the cool tools our students are using to enhance their learning:

QR Codes = Scanning to Learn

QR codes were a hot item this week around ACS! Below you see a QR Scavenger Hunt in action at BES. Meanwhile, CES first graders were scanning for storytime read aloud videos. All across the district, many third and fourth grade students learned how to make a copy of a shared Google Doc quickly by scanning QR codes.

Want to use QR codes, but your scanners aren't working?

  • Are privacy settings preventing access to the camera? If so, go to Settings-->Privacy--> Camera-->Allow QR Reader.
  • Is the iPad software up to date? If not, go to Settings-->General-->Software Update-->Install Now.
  • Have you tried turning off the lights when projecting a QR code from the Promethean Board? This can often help scanners capture the link!

Popplets are POPPING up!

Math Projects & Perseverance

Cowart 4th graders show they have what it takes to stick with a math task! Below you see them collaborating with KeyNote to present their work. Check it out!

Happy Poetry Month!

Mrs. Murphree has poetry treats displayed around the school and Media Center at BES. If you visit, be sure to scan a poem to enjoy!
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Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!

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Contact Information:

Alyson Carpenter

Instructional Technology Specialist

Athens City Schools

Athens, AL

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