Trip To Washington D.C!

From a very long bus ride, to an unforgettable journey!

First Day in D.C

The first day in Washington D.C was amazing and at the same time, tiring. We took a very long drive. We made four or five stops, one for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bathroom breaks in between that. After that, we went straight to the Marine Corps. My Great-Grandfather was a Marine so it makes me feel really glad that he and all the other veterans are being honored. From that we went to the 9-11 Memorial. The skies were gray when we went there. That made it even more sad. I was more connected to it when I went this year, there were three eleven year olds on the plane when it crashed into the pentagon. They were all flying alone because there wasn't any family that was written on their memorial. You can clearly see the place where the plane crashed into the Pentagon because the materials are different. There was also a nine year old and a three year old. Those two were sisters, and their parents died with them. Their parents memorials are next to each other. We could see the air force memorial from the Pentagon. That is where we went next. The memorial was very symbolic of the Air force. There is an air force flight pattern for a fellow pilot who has died. What happens is: There are four planes flying straight, one of them in the middle goes up, symbolizing the pilot going into heaven, the other three keep going straight. That was the first day in D.C. And when we got to the hotel everyone was extremely tired.

Highlights of The Trip

That was the First day of Washington D.C! But now I want to tell you about my absolutely FAVORITE parts. The first one is the Newseum! I put in my journal that I was not looking forward to it, but it is now my favorite museum of all times! They talked about pictures, Journalists who have died while reporting, actual reports through out the ages, and they had a place for the 9-11 crash. They had a part of the twin towers that had fallen off the building. There were quotes by people who experienced the destruction. One of them really stuck out to me. It was, "All I wanted to do was go home and hug my kids, but I go there too late." That message could mean a lot of things. Another one of my favorites was the air and space museum! There were so many planes and it got me very excited about a rocket that was taking off that day, or sometime in our trip. There was an I-Max theater and you could buy popcorn and candy! There was this monkey on the scavenger hunt that no one could find. Everyone expected the monkey to be a big chimp or something, but it was actually a very tiny monkey names Able. I loved the Lincoln Memorial! It was so cool, and you never realize how big it is until you are actually in the building. The people who were writing on the walls made a mistake. They put Euture instead of Future. I knew that there was a mistake, but it was super hard to find. When I did I would not keep quiet about it! When we got outside, it started to rain, lightning and thunder. Everyone's hair started to stick up, so we ended that day a little early. My last favorite thing was, the Embassy of Denmark! Marilyn (Our tour guide) got us in so they could do a presentation their culture. I learned so much about how they live and that they are very nice. I also learned that they are the home of the Lego! These are my favorite parts of the whole trip! I Also Just loved hanging out at the hotel and when we got to hang out with my friends!

Our Extra Time!

When we got back from our "Daily Adventure" we would be so tired that we would want to go STRAIGHT to bed. But, on some nights, we got to go into the pool! It was a very tiny pool, but it was still fun. We would all collapse in our chairs or bus seats when we got into the bus or stopped for dinner and lunch! It was an exhausting trip, but it was pretty much worth it! We would stop for a snack, dip our feet in the water and just have a break for us to run around and we would treasure our special free time! But once again, Washington D.C was an AMAZING trip!

Sadly, all Great Things Must Come to An End

The Morning when we had to leave, we all woke up extra early so we could leave for the bus early. We had to make one more stop before going home. We went to Mount Vernon! It was the home and burial of George Washington, our first president of the United States of America! He lived on huge property, and his decorations were mostly based on farming. He had 300 slaves. We saw his teeth which look very, very uncomfortable. I saw a video about an artist who was making a statue of George Washington. And a video where you actually got snowed on! Some got into my eye and it really hurt! Finally we got back on the bus and rode home. We stopped for lunch, then two hours later we made a bathroom break. We decided not to stop for dinner and have snacks instead so we could get there faster. When we got back, parents where waiting for their kids at school. When we drove back, I was really tired! And that is most of my trip in D.C!