Trisha's grandmother

The Grandmother

Charectoristic traits of Trisha's grandmother

When the passage said, "One summer day she and her grandma were walking together in the small woods behind their farm. It was twilight. The air was sweet and warm. Fireflies were just coming up from the grasses. As they walked, Trisha said, “Grandma, do you think I’m…different?” “Of course,” her grandma answered. “To be different is the miracle of life. You see all of those little fireflies? Every one is different.” “Do you think I’m smart?” Trisha didn’t feel smart. Her grandma hugged her. “You are the smartest, quickest, dearest little thing ever.” Right then the little girl felt safe in her grandma’s arms. Reading didn’t matters so much. Trisha’s grandma used to say that the stars were holes in the sky. They were the light of heaven coming from the other side. And she used to say that someday she would be on the other side, where the light comes from." Then you know that Trisha's grandma is caring, loving, and kind.