La première année

October 14, 2016

Les nouvelles (The News)

Picture day is on Tuesday!

We really enjoyed listening to the Columbus Symphony! Everyone did a great job listening and staying engaged in the concert. Merci to Mme Writsel Lopez for organizing the trip!

In math we will be taking our addition skills and strategies to word problems. We will be focusing on reading the problem, finding the important information, writing a number sentence, and solving.

In language arts we are studying fairy tales & fables. Talk about some well known fables at home, and we're always looking for the moral/lesson of the story! In writing we are focusing on parts of a sentence, such as starting with a capital, ending with punctuation, capitalizing names.

In science - we are talking about living vs non-living, as well as needs of living things. We will soon be performing simple science experiments and discussing what a hypothesis is. They will draw their observations to better understand collecting data.

Please keep up the good work with the homework, many of you are doing a great job! Thanks parents for your support in helping them and teaching them responsibility.

In October we will be focusing on being responsible. This includes being responsible in the classroom, in the cafeteria, and at recess. Please talk with your child this month about being responsible and how they can earn their certificate at the end of the month.

Important dates!

  • Oct 18 - Picture day!
  • Oct 26 - NO SCHOOL (teacher work day)
  • Oct 28 - Halloween parade

Notre Horaire (Our Schedule)


Music (Hack)

Library (Startz) -- Library books due this day!


Library Tech (Hack)

Gym (Startz) -- Must have gym shoes!


Library (Hack) -- Library books due this day!!

Music (Startz)


Art (Both classes)


Gym (Hack) -- Must have gym shoes!!

Library Tech (Startz)

A la maison (At home)

  • Check the backpack/red folder every day.
  • Ask your child how they know something is living or non-living. You can discuss needs of living things as well (shelter, water, food, space, air).
  • Practice addition and subtraction up to 20.
  • Practice counting from 0-100 quickly.
  • Practice writing your letters!!
  • Make sure your child is getting enough sleep every night! 9-11 hours :)


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